8 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom Bloggers in Your Life

Here’s my list of the best gift ideas for mom bloggers in 2019.

From one mom blogger to another … person who needs good gift ideas for mom bloggers!

As bloggers, most of us recognize that we’re just a different breed of human. We tend to want, need, and enjoy some things that the rest of our mama counterparts just don’t.

So, with that in mind, I put together this list of eight awesome gift ideas for mom bloggers. Seriously: if you know a mom that blogs (even as a hobby), put one of these lovely gifts on your list for her…

She deserves it.

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As a long-time mom blogger, these are the top eight gifts that I think most mom bloggers will enjoy and appreciate.

Be sure to do a little research, ask a few questions, and find out what the mama blogger in your life truly wants. If you need more gift advice from a fellow blogger, just comment below!

Blogging Mama Tee

Every mom blogger needs a comfy graphic tee that shows off her skills. Most of us mom bloggers do A LOT of working from home in yoga pants and a t-shirt. This blogging mama tee is one of the cutest I’ve seen and would make such a lovely gift!

Personalized Notebooks

Bloggers love their notebooks and their stationery. FACT.

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful personalized notebook. There are a million and one gorgeous notebook/journal options on Etsy. Browse around and find one that fits the mama blogger in your life.

Stock Photos

If you aren’t in the blogging space, then you might not even realize the importance of stock photos in this business. But I’m here to tell ya: every blogger appreciates a beautiful stock photo collection for their latest posts! You can also find some lovely stock photos here and here.

Blogger Coffee Mug

We love our coffee and tea… and liquid fuel in general! The best gift for mom bloggers is ALWAYS a cute beverage mug… Always. You seriously cannot go wrong.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

This is the gift that keeps on giving and protecting mom’s eyes while she blogs her little heart out.

Because here’s the truth: sitting in front of a screen all day and blogging HURTS YOUR EYES. These glasses block out that harmful blue light that reflects off your devices. It helps your eyes rest, which every mom blogger will appreciate!

A Pretty New Blog Theme

If you’re looking for a nice gift for your mama or another mom blogger you know, ask her if she LOVES her current blog theme.

Most bloggers are up for switching up their blog theme for a better version, and there are so many affordable options that are gift-worthy. Gifting her a lovely new blog theme shows how much you listen and care.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I gotta admit: most people that are not bloggers, don’t even understand what makes us tick over here… Blog themes, blog stock photos, blogging tools that make our life easier.

These are the things we WANT AND NEED AND LOVE!


Speaking of blogging tools that make our life easier, Tailwind is at the top of most of our blogging gift lists. This tool allows you to schedule a ton of blog content and pin images to Pinterest or Instagram within just a few minutes.

You can buy on a monthly basis for $9.99 or you can get a hefty discount and buy on an annual basis for $119.

I promise you: if you gift a year of Tailwind to ANY blogger, they will appreciate you more than you could even imagine. Because bloggers love Tailwind!

Website Hosting

Now for a brief unpleasant truth: one of the most painful annual blogging investments we have to make is our website hosting.

Most website hosting is super cheap during the first year but the price goes up after the “introductory period” is over.

One year, my husband surprised me and paid my annual hosting fee as a gift. Best feeling ever!

The fact that he knew this hefty fee would be creeping up on me in a few months and then covered it for me unexpectedly was so thoughtful.

The best gift ideas for mom bloggers are the gifts that make their life a little easier and saves them a few bucks!


There are a million and one other gift ideas that every mom blogger will appreciate: flowers, candy, cards, massages, and spa days….

But if you want to speak her language as a mom blogger, consider one of the eight gifts above.

You won’t be sorry.

If you like these gift ideas, be sure to pin this baby for later!


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