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One Easy Trick to Help You Increase Your Blog Traffic, For Free!

If you Google the words “how to increase your blog traffic for free,” you will see more than 114,000,000 search results. Whuuuuuut?! Clearly, increasing your blog traffic is a HOT TOPIC for most bloggers and online business owners.

…and for good reason.

When you increase your blog traffic, you increase the number of eyes on your stuff, which increases your chance of making money from your blog.

Now, let me backtrack for a quick second and share a little confession: I’m super against focusing on website traffic.

Wait, what?

I’m sitting here telling you how to increase your blog traffic and, at the same time, telling you not to worry about blog traffic?

Yes, but let me explain.

This article goes into detail about one easy tricks that you can use to grow your blog traffic for free.


We all want to increase our blog traffic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But many bloggers get hyper-focused on their page views and they get discouraged because their traffic isn’t growing as quickly as they had hoped. They start focusing on the numbers and stop focusing on what’s really important. And that’s no Bueno.

Some of the most common questions in my free blogging community are: why aren’t people reading my blog? Why isn’t my traffic growing? How do I increase my blog traffic? And, more often that not, these bloggers aren’t focused on the fundamental things that actually help you to grow.

This is why I’m against focusing on blog traffic. Simply because there are more important things! And when you get hung up on those numbers, you start neglecting those more important things.

YES, targeted blog traffic does matter to some degree, and there is nothing wrong with using solid strategies to grow those numbers.

NO, blog traffic is not the most important thing in the world. In fact, it’s not important at all if it’s the wrong kind of traffic coming to your site.



With that out of the way, there are some simple strategies you can put into place TODAY to help the right kind of traffic find their way to your site (and increase your blog traffic).

When your target audience comes to your site, you have a much greater chance of snagging a lifelong reader and potential future client/buyer/follower, because this is someone that is genuinely interested in what you’re sharing. The best way to find that target audience is to OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTENT, making it easy for people to search you out and find your stuff!

This includes optimizing your blog posts, your entire website, and ALL of your social media profiles and posts.

Tips for optimization:
  • Include important keywords in all of your blog posts and website pages
  • Include your website link in your bio whenever possible
  • Use hashtags whenever it’s appropriate, especially on Instagram
  • Learn all you can about SEO and implement these strategies across all platforms

Here is a great article on search engine optimization to help you step up your SEO game!


So, we know that it’s important to optimize all of our content online so that our ideal blog reader can find us (and consequently increase our blog traffic).

But for some reason, the vast majority of bloggers miss out on a ton of potential blog traffic because they don’t have their website address attached to ALL of their social media profiles. If I want to know what your blog is about, I need YOU to make it SUPER EASY for me to find a clickable link to your blog.

Here is one free and easy way to increase your blog traffic, and surprisingly, it’s a trick that most people don’t know about:

>>> Connect your clickable website URL to your PERSONAL Facebook profile <<<

You need to have your website address attached to your personal Facebook profile and visible to the public, even if your account is private. I personally keep my Facebook profile private and use it to connect with family and friends…but, I still have my website link attached to the profile so that people have another way to find me and my work. It’s the perfect FREE opportunity to drive people over to your blog.

I can’t tell you how many times I clicked over to someone’s Facebook profile for the simple purpose of finding their website, and no website was listed. You’re missing out on TARGETED blog traffic and potential readers if you don’t have this set up. It’s an easy clickable link that leads people to your website right when they want to check out your work. Homework assignment: set it up ASAP.

Here’s how to set it up on DESKTOP:

> Login to your personal Facebook account and click on the “About” tab.

> Click on “Contact and Basic Info” tab on the left side of your screen.

> Add your website URL into the “Website and Social Links” section

You can add as many website URLs that you want, but I highly recommend keeping the focus on 1-2 places that you want to drive traffic. I only have my website and my blogging group linked.

Don’t forget to hit the blue “Save Changes” button when you’re done.

Here’s how to set it up on mobile:

> Login to your Facebook app and click “edit profile.”

> Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “edit your About info.”

> Scroll down to the “Contact Info” section and click “edit” on the right side of the screen.

> Then scroll down to the “Websites” section and click “Add Website.”

> Add your website URL. If you look at my private Facebook profile, you’ll see the few public posts/images that I have available, and a clickable URL to my website,

> Make sure to select PUBLIC using the little drop-down menu on the right side of the website section.

Hit save and you are done!

You now have a clickable link to your blog/website on your Facebook profile. Simple tricks like this can quickly improve your blog growth strategy and help people find you online. Just imagine, every time you’re interacting with someone in your Facebook group, they’re probably heading over to your profile at some point to “stalk” you…so give them something great to stalk!

Did you find this little tip helpful? Please take a second to share this article! I appreciate your support so much!

7 thoughts on “One Easy Trick to Help You Increase Your Blog Traffic, For Free!”

  1. Hi Cate!
    I’m one of those persons who does not have the website in my profile. I’ve always had the mindset to keep that separate from my personal page, but I see how important it is to do it. I’m definitely going to do this now! Thank you!

  2. I keep my personal page private too, it’s just for family and friends.. but the website URL is a good way for others to connect with me away from my personal Facebook page. They might find me in a FB group, want to follow me or chat with me, but they can’t because my page is private. The blog link allows them to find me in the one place that I want to be found: on my website haha! I’m glad the post was helpful!

  3. Great information!! I feel like I’m always stressing about my sites traffic😤 it’s only been recently that I started taking a step back and realize that engagement is way more important!

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