make money as a mom blogger

How to Make Money as a Mom Blogger

Hey there, blogger! If you’re interested in making money from your mom blog, you’re in the right place. There are three primary ways to make money as a mom blogger, and we’re going to cover them in detail today.

Here are the basics:

1. You can promote and sell products/services through affiliate marketing.

2. You can promote and sell products/services through sponsored posts.

3. You can create and sell your own products or services.

Today, we’re going to lay out the road map for every mom blogger that ever asked, ‘can I really make money blogging?’ Spoiler alert: You can!

How to Make Money as a Mom Blogger


Affiliate marketing is essentially promoting products for a business that you are associated with.

And here’s how it works:

You apply to join an affiliate program that fits in your niche (in this case, motherhood, babies, parenting etc). When you get approved by that affiliate program, you gain access to a special trackable link for the products you want to promote. When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Hooray for money in the bank, mama!

So, let’s cover the best affiliate networks for every mom blogger to join. THE NETWORK is the platform that contains a pool of affiliate programs that you can join. You’ll need to join the affiliate network if you want to access the affiliate programs within that pool.

I’ll also be sharing a bunch of programs within the top affiliate networks and how much they pay you for each sale you make.

Let’s get to it: the best affiliate networks for mom bloggers…


You can join the AWIN affiliate network HERE. There is a $5.00 screening fee to join this network, which will be refunded to you after approval. This network is full of awesome affiliate programs for mom bloggers. Here are just a few of the programs you can join and how much you can earn from them.

Disney Movie Club // $30 per club enrollment

LillyPost Kid Book Subscription Box // $10 per sale

FabFitFun // $9 flat rate for each sale

Etsy // 2-4% commission per sale

MadStyle // 15% commission on each sale

DressLily //  16% commission on each sale

AliExpress // 2-7% commission on each sale

The Hut // 8% commission on each sale

The Twister Group // 2-4% commission per sale

Peace Love World // 8% commission per sale

PaperChase // 8% commission per sale

Sentry Baby Products // 8% commission per sale

Wordery Online Bookshop // 5% commission per sale

Cookie’s Kids // 5% commission per sale

Remember, you’ll join the AWIN network first, and then you’ll apply to the affiliate programs you want to join in that network. There are hundreds of programs you can join, but it gets very time-consuming trying to join them all and promote them all.

So, don’t do that.

Focus on a few of the programs that will be most valuable to YOUR AUDIENCE.

You’ll search for programs to join in your AWIN dashboard here:

Awin Search | How to use Awin Affiliate Network to Make Money Blogging

And then you’ll click the button to “Join Program” here:

How to Join an Affiliate Program Using Awin

When you apply to join the program, you’ll have to agree to terms and select the primary promotion method you’ll be using. I usually select my website, but you can select whichever platform you use the most.

You also have the option to “add a message” to introduce yourself and share why you want to join the program. I highly recommend doing this extra step because it speeds up the approval process.

To put this whole affiliate marketing concept into perspective: let’s say that you join the LillyPost affiliate program. They pay $10 per subscription box sign up. Through your blog posts and social media shares, you promote this service to moms with small kids. Ten moms buy a subscription box … you make a hundred bucks.

…and then you do a happy dance 🙂


You can join the Share-a-Sale network HERE. This is a free network with literally thousands of programs to join. Here is a big ol’ list of some great affiliate programs in the network. Again, focus on the ones that can bring value to your readers.  

Living Tree Software // 40% commission per sale

Earth Mama Organics // 20% commission per sale

Warby Parker // 20% commission per sale

Able // 20% commission per sale

DressLily // 16% commission per sale

Olivia and Jane // 15% commission per sale

American Family Safety // 15% commission per sale

Amber Alert GPS
// 15-20% commission per sale

Grovia // 10% commission per sale

Natural Baby Co. // 10% commission per sale

// 10% commission per sale

Put me in the Story // 10% commission per sale

Stella & Dot // 10% commission per sale

Jane Affiliates // 10% commission per sale

Tieks // 10% commission per sale

Cents of Style // 10% commission per sale

Spanx // 8% commission per sale

Crazy 8 // 8% commission per sale

Gymboree // 8% commission per sale

Bazzle Baby // 8% commission per sale

Only Kids Hangers // 8% commission per sale

Pampered Mommy Box // $4 per sale

Sweet Stamp Shop // 8% commission per sale

Kids Stuff in a Box // 8% commission per sale

Penney Lynn Wind Toys // 7.25% commission per sale

Posh Mommy // 7% commission per sale

Claire’s // 5% commission per sale

Dollar Tree // 4-7% commission per sale

WayFair Business // $40 per sale

So many of these programs are perfect for mom bloggers!

Simply join the Share-a-Sale network, apply to the programs that you want to join, and then start promoting your affiliate products to your audience.

You’ll search for programs to join here:

Share a Sale Dashboard | Learn how to make money as a fashion blogger using the Shareasale affiliate network

And then you’ll click the button to “Join Program” here:

How to use Share a Sale for Affiliate Marketing

Similar to AWIN, you’ll have to agree to the terms of the program and explain how you’ll promote the products. Don’t stress over it too much, just introduce yourself and your promotion plan and hit submit.

Then comes the money-making part!

Let’s say you’re a mom blogger who writes about natural and sustainable living. You join the Grovia affiliate program and write an article about the benefits of using cloth diapers. You fill that article with helpful links to the best cloth diaper products sold by Grovia. One of your readers buys $200 worth of product through your affiliate link (which is waaaay too easy to do when building your cloth diaper stash haha).

When they make their purchase, you earn 10% of that sale…which comes out to $20 for that single purchase. Get a handful of readers buying from that article every week, and I don’t have to tell you how quickly those $20 commissions can grow. 

And the beauty part is: you can earn money from those links for years to come, long after you publish that article.


You can join the Rakuten Affiliate Network HERE. I love Rakuten because they have such a huge range of affiliate programs for bloggers in every niche. If you want to make money as a mom blogger, this is one of the best networks for you to join!

We are going to outline a few of the highest paying and most popular affiliate programs in this network. If you own any of these brands or think they could potentially benefit your readers, you should join that affiliate program and start promoting their stuff ASAP.

Alex and Alexa
// 8% commission per sale

The Honest Company // 5-10% commission per sale

Urban Wall Decals // 5-10% commission per sale

Stroller Haus
// 6-12% commission per sale

Bamboo Nature // 6% commission per sale

Nasty Gal Limited // 6% commission per sale

Tidy Living
// 6% commission per sale

Kid’s Foot Locker // 6% commission per sale

Cake Maternity // 5% commission per sale

Project Nursery // 5% commission per sale

Sam’s Club // 4% commission per sale

Charlotte Russe // 4% commission per sale

My 1st Years // 3% commission per sale

Aden + Anais // 3% commission per sale

Macy’s // 3% commission per sale

Calvin Klein // 3% commission per sale

Free People // 1-3% commission per sale

Nordstrom // 2% commission per sale

Motherhood Maternity // 2% commission per sale

Stride Rite // 2% commission per sale

Joann Craft Stores // 1% commission per sale

Once you get approved by Rakuten, you can search for affiliate programs from your dashboard here:

Rakuten Affiliate Network Dashboard | Learn how to make money as a fashion blogger using Rakuten

Apply for the program you want to join here:
Rakuten Affiliate Network Dashboard | Learn how to make money as a fashion blogger using Rakuten
A box will pop up asking you to read and agree to terms. Read the terms, click the box to agree, and then hit “OKAY.” And that’s it!

Keep in mind though, applying to hundreds of programs and trying to promote all of those products can be frustrating, overwhelming, and unproductive. Focus on a few programs with quality products that can truly benefit your readers.

That will greatly increase your chance of conversions!


Okay, I know that was a lot of information to cover in our affiliate section, but we have two more ways to make money as a mom blogger, so let’s chat about those for a quick minute.

Doing sponsored posts:

As a mom blogger, you have a unique edge with an audience of moms that are usually ready and willing to purchase products that will make mom life easier and better…. I know, because I was THAT MOM. Scouring the internet for hours, trying to find the best products to use for my baby and my home.

The truth is, if you want to make money as a mom blogger, you absolutely can.

You can reach out to individual companies that you want to work with and pitch them your idea for a sponsored post. Maybe there is a subscription box that you use and love. Maybe there is a car seat or crib or baby food maker that is worth recommending to your readers. Or, maybe there is even a local business that you’d like to work with…

Here’s an example of a small company that I worked with on a sponsored post. They paid a fee for me and my kiddos to go play in their playhouse all day, take pictures, and write about it.

Ya really can’t beat that!

If there is any brand or business out there you’d like to work with, send them an email and offer to promote their products on your own blog or social media channels (for a fee).

Here is a comprehensive article about working with brands on sponsored posts. It also includes a pitching guide to help you land those gigs and get paid!

And here are a few networks you can join to land sponsored posts too:


Influence Central

Real Clever

Pollinate Media



 This is one that people often overlook, because they feel like they “don’t have what it takes.”

Well, let me tell you. You DO have what it takes.

Think about creating and selling your own clothing, handbags, teething toys, swaddle blankets, baby carriers, candles, jewelry. Look at the owners of MyWildBird, Coveted Things, and Milk Snob (as seen on Shark Tank)! MOMS working hard, creating awesome things, and building their dream businesses.

If they can do it, you can do it too…if you want to.

The sky is the limit. And when you’re a mom blogger, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket anyway. You want to have income flowing in from a few different places.

So, do some affiliate marketing. Do some sponsored posts. Create something awesome and sell it to your audience. This is exactly what I do to bring in over $5,000 from my blog every month…and you can do it too.

There are so many fun and flexible ways to make money as a mom blogger!

I hope this article has been helpful. If you enjoyed these tips, please take a minute to share this post on Pinterest!
Affiliate programs for mom bloggers Affiliate programs for mom bloggers

How to Make Money from your Mom Blog | This article covers everything you need to know about making money from your mom blog, including affiliate marketing, sponsored work, and creating your own products to sell.


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How to make money from your mom blog, everything you need to know!

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  1. Hi, thanks for details! Affiliate marketing surely seems to be a great way to generate some good revenue from a blog. In fact, this is the best and the most reliable source I have come across in my blogging journey. There are other sources to earn from a blog, this one’s my favourite.

  2. Cate, this is the affiliates list I’ve been needing to find! Awin will definitely be on my list to do because I’ve wanted to promote Etsy. Shareasale I’m already a part of but didn’t realize how many cloth diaper companies they worked with. Thank you!

  3. You’re so welcome! I try to share resources that I desperately needed when I first got started, things that shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m glad it was helpful.

  4. Hey, Cate! Thanks for such an amazing article. I’m a mom blogger and I was searching for some affiliate programs to join in my niche. Glad I came across your post. My question is, can we join more than one affiliate program, like I have at least 5 websites I narrowed down according to my niche. So how many exactly can I join?

  5. Yes, you can join as many affiliate programs as you’d like – there is absolutely no limit! But make sure to just join the ones that are relevant to you and helpful to your audience. Don’t waste time joining programs that aren’t a good fit for your audience.

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