27+ Websites That Will Pay Moms to Write for Them

If you’re looking for some legit sites that pay moms to write, then you’re in the right place!

I wanted to find you some sites that allow you to write from home and make some extra moolah doing it.

So I did a little digging and managed to come up with this list of 27 websites that will actually pay moms to write for them.

Some of these companies will pay you $200 or more, just to write an article and publish it on their site.

Why Write For Other Websites?

One of the many ways that bloggers make money is through freelance writing or guest writing on other blogs and websites.

Guest bloggers are usually creating content for other websites and getting a backlink and/or a byline, acknowledging them as the author.

Sometimes that is all you get, but other times, guest blogging can come with a cash payment… which is what we’ll be digging into in this article.

Guest writing on someone else’s site can be incredibly valuable for a blogger, for a few reasons.

1. When you publish content on someone else’s website, your writing reaches a larger audience and increases your readership.

2. It also increases your position of authority among your readers (current and future).

Have you ever come across a blog that lists the other websites where their content is featured? It adds an extra layer of authority when your content has been published on big sites like Yahoo Finance or Scary Mommy.

3. And of course, when all is said and done, guest writing can become a very lucrative income stream for you, as a blogger or freelancer.

The bottom line is: you can make a lot of money through writing on other people’s blogs.

So let’s dig into this list of 27+ sites that will pay moms to write for them! 

{{ Our blog posts contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here. }}

Guest Writing vs. Freelance Writing

Before we go any further, we should take a quick minute to clarify the slight differences between guest writing and freelance writing.

Guest Writing (or Guest Posting)

A guest post is often created with the purpose of reaching a new audience on someone else’s platform. You create the content, and the other site reviews it and publishes it on their site for their audience to read or watch.

As we mentioned before, guest writing can increase your authority and can lead to a quality backlink with a DOFOLLOW tag attached to it.

The DOFOLLOW tag basically tells Google this is a trusted site and no one is being paid to say so.

If you’re being paid for the guest post, you won’t get the same high-quality backlink, because compensating bloggers for a backlink is against Google’s TOU.

You’ll still get a backlink and a paycheck though, so not exactly a loss!

In short, if you’re guest posting for the DOFOLLOW backlink, you can’t (technically) make money from it. If you’re guest posting for payment, that’s perfectly fine too, but it won’t help your rank in search engines.

Learn how to snag more quality backlinks here in this e-book.

Freelance Writing

A freelance writer pitches their blog post ideas to various companies and then charges a fee for publishing that post on their page. 

They aren’t trying to get DOFOLLOW backlinks or build up their authority in that creator’s space, they’re just trying to earn a paycheck with their writing.

The freelance writer is being paid to create quality content on a specific topic, and the topic could be anything they have knowledge about. It doesn’t necessarily need to mesh well with their own blog or audience (if they have one).

Freelance writing is simply creating content for other businesses, and it is usually published under their business name without any recognition of you as the author – you created the copy and got paid to do so.

So, to summarize the differences between these options:

> If your goal is to reach another audience in your niche, build connections, and get a DOFOLLOW backlink, then you’ll be guest posting without compensation.

> If your goal is to reach another audience in your niche, build connections, and get a paycheck, then you’ll be guest posting for compensation.

> And if you’re publishing content on someone else’s platform, without acknowledgment as the creator, and you’re doing it for a paycheck, then you’ll be freelance writing.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to assume that your goal is to guest post, grow your audience + authority through that guest post, and also get paid!

Do You Need Your Own Blog?

There are many companies that require a link to your blog, or a link to one of your previously published articles when you’re sending them a pitch.

When you start joining sponsored networks to pitch your ideas, they will also require a link to your blog.

Having your own official blog represents your voice, your writing style, and your writing expertise.

So yes, you absolutely do need your own blog in order to make good money in this business. It is cheap and easy to start a blog, and you can start making money shortly after you launch…so why not??

Once you have your website setup and optimized, you’re one step closer to a profitable blog.

You can write about anything that you want, but I recommend focusing on a specific area of content that you enjoy and have experience with, so that you can provide value for your audience right away.

If you know a lot about business, write about business. If you know a lot about breastfeeding, or baby-wearing, or beauty, or traveling…then write about that.

Pro Tip: Before you start pitching your guest posts, set up a simple website with a few good articles in your niche. This will help to build your credibility for those tougher pitches! You can do this for less than $100. This easy step-by-step guide shows you everything you need to know!

Can You Build a Popular and Profitable Blog by Guest Writing?

Think back to that $200 per guest post that we talked about a minute ago…

You’re trying to turn your hobby blog into a money-making business. You have a busy life, and you probably have children at home that need your time and attention.

If you write just one guest article each week at that price, that’s an extra $800 in your bank account this month. And that one guest post will likely lead to more blog readers, followers, and subscribers for you too. 

Even if you write just one article each month, that money would easily cover your blogging expenses, and then some, making your blog PROFITABLE, in just one month.

Then imagine throwing in a freelance article, a sponsored post, and a few affiliate sales…

Think it’s impossible to build a profitable blog in just one month? Think again.

It takes WORK.
And Strategy.
And Patience.

But if you put in the work, you can start earning from your content marketing biz very quickly.

You should definitely include other blogging income streams along with your guest writing, but it’s a great strategy for getting your name out there in the blogging world and grabbing those quality backlinks we all want.

Can Moms Really Get Paid to Write?


I have been paid to write on other blogs since 2010 (freelance and guest posting). Many bloggers grow their authority and income this way.

And no, you don’t have to be a mom to get paid writing for these companies. But the sites below are a great fit for moms and mom bloggers to start gaining that writing experience and earning some extra dough!

Today, I’m encouraging my mama friends to jump in, start their blog, and make money from their writing.

Since many of my readers are women and mothers trying to earn extra income from home, we’re going to focus on websites that pay moms to write content.

 And here it is, my big ol’ list of 27 popular sites that will pay moms to write for them!

27 Websites That Will Pay Moms to Write

** This list is for informational purposes only and is subject to change, based on the discretion of the site owner. I do not control any of the sites shared in this article **


Her View from Home will pay moms to write content about family life, parenting, relationships and more.

They have a very thorough submission system for getting published and paid, so you’ll need to follow the directions closely to be considered. Article submissions should be between 600 – 800 words and payment is based on page views.

Below is the payment scale…

Original Content:

0-999 views: $10
1K – 1,999K views: $20
2K – 2,999K views: $30
3K-3,999K views: $60
4K+ views: $100

Previously Published Content:

0-9,999 views: $0
10,000+ views: $50


Freelance Mom will pay moms to write content with “current, practical, and actionable” advice and tips.

They recommend highly personal, highly researched, and education-based articles.

Submissions should be between 900 – 1,500 words, and articles chosen for publishing pay between $75 -$100.

The most-shared article of each month gets a $150 bonus!

I love me some bonus Benjamins!


A Fine Parent will pay moms to write about positive, gentle, and/or intentional parenting.

Submissions should be between 1,500 – 3,000 words.

Articles chosen for publishing pay $75. 


The Green Parent is a UK-based parenting blog that will pay for first-person real-life experience articles in these areas:

– Pregnancy and Conscious Birth
– Breastfeeding
– Family Life and Simple Living
– Alternative Education
– Natural Health and Beauty
– Green Travel
– Feeding a Family
– Gardening, Particularly Growing Your Own
– Sustainable Fashion

The pay is £75 per 1000 words.

  1. MOM.ME

Mom.Me will pay you to write pregnancy, parenting, and family life content. You just have to send your pitch to their media/PR department here.

Pay is not listed on their site so be sure to include pricing in your pitch.


Focus on the Family will pay moms $50 to write about helpful and practical parenting tips. 

Article submissions should be 50 – 300 words and articles chosen for publishing pay $50.


Aquila will pay moms to submit educational content that will entertain kids between the ages of 9-12 who are confident and independent readers.

Pay: They pay £105 on publication per short story, feature, or in installment for two-part stories. If you pitch a story, it should be under 1200 words. 


Clubhouse will pay you to write content focused on Christian values for children ages 8-12. 

They publish fiction and nonfiction content. 

Pay is 15 to 25 cents per word.


Parents.com will pay moms to write about interesting parenting topics. Their guidelines specify that they are “always looking for compelling human-interest stories.”

Payment amount is not confirmed in their submission guidelines, so send a pricing pitch with your submission.


List verse will pay you to write list-style articles for them.

 Submissions must be 1,500 words with a 10-item list minimum. 

Articles chosen for publishing pay $100.


Make a Living Writing will pay you to write about a variety of topics, including niche-specific list articles, social media marketing, productivity, self-publishing, blogging, and more. 

Article submissions should be at least 1200 words and pay is between $150 – $230.


This site will pay moms to write on Topic areas including camps, schools, health, family life, enrichment program and places to go in the Hudson Valley area.

Pay is between $80-$120 depending on word length. 

  1. ADDitude Magazine

This site is looking for first-person articles by parents, employers, teachers, etc. with personal experience with ADHD or LD and insights that might be helpful to ADDitude‘s readers. Articles should be 2000 words or less.

Pay is dependent on article length, experience, and other factors. 


PTO Today will pay writers for content focused on helping the volunteer leaders of parent-teacher groups to run their organizations more efficiently and support their schools more effectively.

Pay is by assignment, not by word, and ranges between $125 and $500.


Lies About Parenting will pay moms to write about modern parenting topics, controversial parenting topics, kids, and traveling. Their list of favorite submissions include:

– An introduction that grabs the reader
– A deep discussion of a struggle/topic
– Lots of actionable advice (list, revelation, how-to, resources)
– An uplifting takeaway (leave your reader better off than you found them

Payment amount is no longer listed on the website. You can submit your article on their email submission page.


Atlanta Parent will pay writers for personal essays, practical articles, and main features on important issues including:

– childcare
– education
– adolescence
– motherhood
– family travel
– kids’ products
– navigating the joys and challenges of parenting

Short articles should be 300-600 words in length. The average feature story should be 800 to 1,200 words in length. 

Payment varies depending on the writer’s experience. 


Earth Island Journal will pay you to write about environmental issues, including wildlife conservation, innovations in science, public policy, animal rights, and more. 

They pay writers 0.25/word for print stories and $200 for stories published online.

They also pay writers who submit their own imagery along with print features $65 per photo.


Metro Parent is accepting submissions in areas of parenting, education, and local things to do in Michigan.

Pay is not listed on their site but you can submit your content ideas via the editor and include your pricing when you send your pitch. 


Raising Arizona Kids will pay Arizona moms to write content that will “foster networking and support among Arizona parents and professionals supportive of quality parenting”.

Featured article submissions should be 1,000 – 3,000 words. 

Payment is no longer listed on their site. 


Chicago Parent will pay local moms to write about topics that affect local families, including childcare, education, and the “joys and challenges of parenting”.

Pay is $25 to $100 depending on article length.


Story Time Magazine will pay you to write short contemporary stories for kids ages 3-8. Word length should be between 600 and 900 words.

It is a UK-based publication with readers all over the world.

Pay is: £165 if your article is selected and published.


Alaska Parent is a full-color family and parenting magazine looking for writers who can submit content on these topics:

– Local interests
– Health & wellness
– Pregnancy & babies
– Education
– Travel
– Hands-on activities
– Seasonal interests
– Parental involvement
– Family fun
– “How-to” articles that will make family life easier

Pay is between $40 to $200.


Pregnant Chicken is interested in funny or emotionally relatable posts about experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, and being a new parent. Paid posts must be over 300 words.

Pay is $100 for each accepted full guest post.


Mops Magazine will pay you to write honest, welcoming, woman-empowering content. Their list of acceptable topics includes recipes, practical home ideas, DIY ideas, parenting tips, and mother/women related issues. 

Payment amount is not confirmed in their submission guidelines, so send a pricing pitch with your submission.


Yummy Mummy will pay moms to write content based on parenting humor, trending topics, list articles, and personal stories. This is a Canadian-based blog that encourages unfiltered motherhood and acceptance.

Pay amount is no longer listed on their site, so be sure to reach out to the editorial team with your pitch and follow their guidelines linked above.


Romper states on their website that they accept pitches from freelancers for essays and reported pieces anywhere from 800 to 2,000 words.

Pay is not listed on their site but freelancers are typically paid for their work, so be sure to include pricing in your pitch.


Family Story is interested in personal essays and opinion pieces between 600-1200 words. They are looking for experiences and stories of:

– single and solo parents
– blended families
– extended family members helping to raise children and caring for elders
– multi-generational households
– non-romantic co-parents
– childfree and childless adults and families
– chosen and non-biological families.

Pay is $100 per chosen article

There you have it!

Twenty seven real websites that will actually pay moms to write for them. 

No fluff and no nonsense, just write great content and get paid. 


Start formulating some guest posts and pitching your ideas today.


Make sure you read the guidelines and instructions very closely and follow them explicitly. One of the main things that hold guest writers back from success is missing important steps in the pitch process.

Follow the instructions and learn from constructive criticism.

Here are a few additional sites that accept guest posts from parenting bloggers as well. 

Although payment is not specified in their guidelines, a backlink and a byline should always be provided!

Parents Press. Submit your article here.
MOPS. Submit your article here.
Money Pantry. Submit an article here when they reopen submissions.


Like I mentioned before, guest writing can be very rewarding because it increases your traffic, increases your position of authority, gets you free backlinks, and helps you make money (yay).

With that said, I always recommend diversifying when it comes to your blogging income. 

You might not land a guest-writing gig every weekend, so you can’t count on that $50 – $200 check in the mail like you would at your “day job.”

You NEED to diversify.

And that means you NEED to have a few different income streams that allow you to make money, just in case your guest-writing pitches don’t get a response (it will happen).

So, think about a few other ways that bloggers make money and start implementing some of these strategies.

Check out this article for tips on making money from your mom blog.

And grab my free 6-figure affiliate marketing guide right here!

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