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Top 5 Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers to Beef Up Your Blog Posts

Let’s talk about the best stock photo sites for bloggers!

We all want (and need) eye-catching images on our website and social channels. Pictures that evoke emotion and draw people into our content.


But those overused free stock photo sites for bloggers just aren’t cutting it anymore. It feels like everyone has the same photos on their blogs now, and we need to step up our game and stand apart from the crowd.

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There a lot of good reasons to make the small investment and buy your stock photos, but here are the top three.


1. You get access to unique images.

As mentioned above, the free stock photo craze has led to an excess of the same kind of photos being used by everyone in your niche. It’s hard to stand apart from the crowd when everyone in the crowd is using the same handful of free photos.


When you buy your stock photos, you gain access to unique images that only paying customers can find and use… And this gives you a special edge that the vast majority of bloggers don’t have. Unique photos on your site!


2. You protect yourself legally.

Free photo sites are often filled with images that are stolen from the original creator. Sadly, the site owner might not even realize that they are accepting stolen content from contributors that don’t have the legal right to share those photos on their platform.


If you use a stolen photo from these free platforms, even by mistake, you can get into serious legal trouble.


Now, don’t get me wrong.


Many of those images are legitimately 100% free to use, but it is virtually impossible to track down all of the original creators to make sure the photo is free for use. In other words: it isn’t worth the risk, just to save you a few bucks.


If you do choose to use free stock photo sites at some point, just be careful with those photos. Do your best to research and make sure that they are actually free for use on your blog.


3. You save yourself a lot of time.


This is a big one for me, because when it comes to business, time is money.


I first realized this when I was trying to find decent flat-lay photos for my pin images. I wanted a certain look and I wanted a lot of white space on the photo. So, I scoured those free photo sites for the longest time, looking for the perfect photo.


Yeah, I never found it… I found some decent photos that would get the job done, but I never found exactly what I wanted and needed.


It was all time wasted, and I wasn’t even happy with the final product, because DECENT photos don’t have the same effect as GREAT photos.


Save yourself the time and the search frustration. Go straight to the high-quality stock photo libraries that are easily searchable and filled with options for alL of your image needs.


And you’ll see a big difference in your Pinterest engagement too! When I started buying my images for my pin graphics, my pins looked better, so my Pinterest impressions grew.


So, lets cover my top 5 stock photo sites for bloggers (with their pricing packages included)!





deposit photos image - stock photo sites for bloggers
Deposit Photos has over 100 MILLION royalty-free stock images to choose from. This includes photos and pictures, illustrations, vector art, and background images, news images, and HD videos.

They have an affordable monthly plan that provides 30 high resolution photos for $29. Additional images are just $1 each, and any unused downloads transfer over to the next month. I highly recommend sticking to stock photos that are under a buck each: there just isn’t any need to spend more than that.

This is a great option because there are sooo many images to choose from! You will never have to worry about your stock photos being used by a bunch of other bloggers.



Stock Unlimited is probably the best bang you’re going to get for your buck when it comes to stock photos. They have over a million premium assets to choose from, so you’ll never run out of gorgeous images for your blog and social media accounts.

Their most popular subscription is their annual subscription, which comes with unlimited downloads for just $79. And it’s not just stock photos either: you also have the option to download audio files, fonts, icons, and templates.

Some of their stock image categories are:











Illustrations/Clip Art














So yeah, they have a little something for everyone and they have several affordable options for bloggers within any budget. Their smallest download pack starts at $9.



This is one of my favorite stock photo sites for bloggers!

Alicia is an amazing small business owner that goes above and beyond for her clients. She also gives free monthly stock photos to everyone on her mailing list, whether you’re a paying member or not.

Her photo library has over 2000 feminine styled stock photos and graphics templates, and she provides custom photography services for business owners as well.

If you’re looking for feminine flat-lays, desktop images, and light/airy Pinterest templates, this is the stock photo membership you want to have.

Her images are the ones I use for my highest-converting pin images!

The monthly membership starts at $39.00/mo.


4. 123RF

Option number four is also great for stock images under a buck. You can buy on-demand credits and apply them to your purchase, or you can buy a subscription plan.

Some of their image categories are:


























On their homepage, they also have a huge list of trending image categories that you can use for creating content that is relevant right now.

You can buy 40 image credits for $39 or a subscription plan starting at $29/mo.



This stock photo site has over 270 million royalty-free images, clips, and music tracks to choose from.

As with most stock photo services, you save a hefty percentage when you buy an annual plan, 40% savings in this case.

Now, I personally don’t recommend spending more than $1-2 dollars per stock photo, and even though Shutterstock has a ton of awesome images to choose from, it’s a little pricey unless you can buy a large number of photos.

As an example, you can buy 10 images a month for $2.90 per image (on their annual plan), or you can buy 750 images a month for $0.27 per image.

So, if you’re in the unique position of someone that needs a HUGE amount of stock photos every month, this option is a good one. For the rest of us, it’s just not really feasible.




As we discussed already, there are many benefits to making a small investment in stock photos.

But free stock photo sites are so appealing, right? And the odds of getting busted for a stolen image are kinda slim, right?

Well, not really.

I’ve been blogging for many years and I personally know (2) people that have landed in hot water from using free stock photos…. So, there is a risk there, even if people don’t talk about it a lot.

Bottom line is: you absolutely can use these sites if you want to. I’ve used them before (when I didn’t know better) and I know a lot of bloggers that use them even now.

But, the important things to consider are the points we noted above.

Many free stock photo sites don’t screen their contributors carefully enough, and stolen images can easily make their way into these free libraries. And then, when you use those photos, you are at risk for being sued for stealing the photo (because yes, you technically stole the photo).

Also, free sites also appeal to the masses, and therefore, the masses are using all of the same photos on their blogs.

It’s much better to have a huge variety of unique images that few others have seen or used. This is made possible by joining paid memberships that give you access to millions of unique images.




Now we know.

Making the small investment in quality stock photos is worth every penny, and then some.

Paid images help you stand apart from the crowd, they give you more options, and they protect you from the legal ramifications of accidentally using a stolen photo.

My top five picks are a great place to start: Deposit Photos, Stock Unlimited, Pixi Stock, 123RF, and Shutterstock.

There are others out there too, but you’ll find more than enough content for your blog (for the next million years) with these sites!

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