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3 High-Paying Affiliate Programs for Crunchy Mom Bloggers

Let’s talk about the best, high-paying affiliate programs for crunchy mom bloggers!

We see all of these awesome programs floating around for the ‘typical’ mom blogger … but what about the mom blogger whose audience is a little on the “crunchy” side?

The co-sleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, essential oil slangin’ mamas that read your blog every week.

They need great product recommendations too, right?!

This article is for all of you crunchy mom bloggers out there!


Before we break into these top-notch affiliate programs that are perfect for crunchy mom bloggers, let’s talk about how to make money with affiliate marketing in general.

Simply put, you’ll choose an affiliate program that fits well with your target audience – the readers that love your blog.  

Then you’ll write high-quality, problem-solving content that speaks to those readers and helps them get what they need from your blog post. When they follow your affiliate link and make that purchase that solves their problem or fills their need, you earn a commission.

That’s right baby!

You earn MONEY from your blog, by simply recommending a product that you genuinely believe in!

This is how bloggers become business owners that make hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars every month.

Now, let’s break into those high-paying affiliate programs that every crunchy mama blogger should join today!


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This affiliate program can be found in the Share-a-Sale network. You’ll join the network first (it’s free) and then join the affiliate program within that network.

The Earth Mama Organics affiliate program pays 20% commission per sale. The average sale is over $37 and the average commission per sale is over $7.00.

This means that every time YOU drive a potential customer back to this website to try their products, you earn that commission. If your reader spends $100, you earn $20.

This program also comes with a 30-day cookie policy, meaning that your readers can leave the website, come back to it 30 days later, and you still get paid if they make a purchase.





This affiliate program can also be found in the Share-a-Sale network. They have hundreds of products for all kinds of mamas and babies.

Cloth diapers, carriers, soothers, toys, and breastfeeding supplies are among the best sellers.

 The average commission earned is also over $7.00 and the 180-cookie policy ensures that your readers have the chance to come back and make a purchase that still gives you the credit… even six months later!


This affiliate program is its own “in house” affiliate program, meaning you don’t have to join any network to apply or promote the program.

You earn 30% of sales that are promoted through your link, and your cookies are good for 6 months… meaning someone can research the program through your affiliate link today and then come back and buy six months later and you’ll still earn your 30% commission.

The best part?

There is no minimum threshold that you have to meet to get your payouts.

Most affiliate programs have a 30 or 60-day hold on your earnings, so you don’t get the money right when you earn it. This affiliate program makes their payouts as soon as you earn them, which is practically unheard of in the affiliate marketing world!

Promote their courses and trainings to your crunchy mama friends and readers and earn 30% of each sale that comes through your link.


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There are really just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this blogging slash affiliate marketing goodness. Find great programs that suit your audience and create great content that helps them fill their needs.

Crunchy mamas have needs, girlfriend. And just like everyone else, they have purchases to make!

Use these three programs to help them fill those needs. Every time one of those crunchy mamas click on your link and make a purchase, you get paid.

Simple as that.

Want access to an organized list of over 1,000 affiliate programs and their payouts? Grab the master list here!

And don’t forget to pin this baby for later!

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  1. This is really helpful! This kind of “crunchy” mom stuff is right up my ally and I have been struggling to find applicable affiliate programs. Thanks for the help!

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