The Absolute Best Gift Ideas for Dad Bloggers in 2019

Here’s my list of the best gift ideas for dad bloggers in 2019. Because yes, dad bloggers are a thing, and they like presents too 😉

Of course, you could always go with the traditional flask, wallet, or grilling tools… but dad bloggers have a whole different set of needs and wants.

And I’m going to let you in on allll their secrets right now.

I put together this quick list of five awesome and unique gift ideas for dad bloggers. Even if dad is just a hobby blogger, he’ll still enjoy everything you see here.

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Let’s get to it!



As a long-time player in the blogging game, I’m here to confess that we tend to like, need, and want things that are slightly different from a lot of others. I know my fair share of daddy bloggers and I speak their language… so I’m here to end your exhaustive Google searches and help you find the perfect gift for the dad blogger in your life.


Dad bloggers are in front of their audience and their cameras quite a bit, so they have to look their best. Every dad out there will appreciate a nice grooming set like this one (as seen on Shark Tank)!



Speaking of being in front of their audience, every dad blogger needs a nice camera if they want to step up with photography/videography game. This is the camera I use and love! If he’s an outdoor/active guy, then I highly recommend something like the GoPro.



If the dad blogger in your life does any podcasting or video recording, this is the gift that he will love. Blue Yeti mics are the must-have item in most blogging circles and they come highly recommended.


Most bloggers are down with the fact that website hosting requires you to spend a little chunk of change every year. If you’re looking to set dad up with a practical gift, paying for a year of website hosting is a great idea!

**You will need access to his website hosting account in order to make the payment yourself.


This laptop bag goes above and beyond because it has a USB charging port and was designed with anti-theft protection in mind. It’s also super affordable and has a ton of five-star reviews.  Throw a few thoughtful little gifts into the bag and tie a bow around it. Boom – best gift ever!

Best gifts for dad bloggers?

The gifts that make their life and work a little easier!



Of course, there are a ton of other gift ideas that dad bloggers will appreciate and love: laptops, tablets, editing software, headphones, vacations, etc. Get creative and think about what dad can enjoy and also use for his blogging biz!

The five suggestions above are a great place to start. And if you’re looking for ideas for the mom blogger in your life, check out this article >> Gift Ideas for Mom Bloggers

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