How to Make Money as a Beauty Blogger

If you’re a beauty blogger that wants to make more money from your blog, this article is for you. We’re going to talk about the top three ways that beauty bloggers make their money. And we’re also going to list a ton of the highest paying and best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers to join.

Simply put, this is how to make money as a beauty blogger:

1. You can promote and sell beauty products/services through affiliate marketing.

2. You can promote and sell beauty products/services through sponsored posts.

3. You can create and sell your own beauty products/services.

Of course, you have other options, such as selling ad space on your website. But these are the main ways that beauty bloggers and vloggers make money, so that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

Let’s start with affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money as a Beauty Blogger | This pin leads to an article that covers everything you need to know about making money from your beauty blog. It includes a huge list of the best and highest paying affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. Enjoy! Speaking of affiliate marketing, this post probably contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 


Affiliate marketing is simply promoting products and services for other businesses that you are associated with. In your case, this will likely be businesses related to beauty products and services (makeup, skin, hair, etc). You sign up for their affiliate program, and they give you a trackable link to share with your audience. When someone makes a purchase through that link, you earn a commission.

This is an overly simplified definition of affiliate marketing, but you get the idea: recommend a product, get paid when someone buys that product through your link.

And here’s the beauty part: you’re already a blogger/vlogger and you’re already recommending things that you use and love to your audience. Might as well get paid to recommend those things, right?


There are two ways to gain access to that fancy little affiliate link that earns you money: you can join an affiliate network that contains a huge pool of programs you can join, or you can join individual affiliate programs that don’t use any third-party platforms to host their program. AMAZON is an example of an individual affiliate program, they run the program on their own platform with their own manpower (they don’t use a network).

I love affiliate networks because they make everything so easy: you can access a ton of programs in one place, apply to those programs, find out how much they pay, get your affiliate links, and get paid…all right there in your affiliate dashboard. Because of this, we’re going to focus on affiliate networks and the awesome beauty programs that they contain.

Even though we’re focusing on affiliate networks today, you can and should join individual affiliate programs whenever you find a company that you’d like to work with! This could be as simple as searching for this on Google: Affiliate program for { brand name }… If that company has an affiliate program, it will more than likely pop up in your search results.

Now, let’s jump into the best affiliate networks to join. You can and should join all of the networks below!


You can join the AWIN affiliate program HERE. There is a $5.00 screening fee to join the network, but the fee is refunded to you after approval. There is no minimum requirement for page views, followers, or subscribers, but the team over at AWIN told me that applicants must have a “website or platform that is LIVE. They must have an accessible, good standard of content. And that content must be relevant to the programs they are applying for.”

Here are a few of the programs you can join and how much you can earn from each of them:

Hand in Hand Personal Care // 25% commission per sale

Dress Lily //  16% commission on each sale

Mad Style // 15% commission on each sale

Look Fabulous Forever // 10% commission per sale

The Hut // 8% commission on each sale

Skin Store // 8% commission per sale

Slendertone Equipment // 8%  commission per sale

Beauty Expert // 7% commission per sale

Grow Gorgeous Hair Care // 7% commission per sale

Mankind Male Grooming // 7% commission per sale

All Beauty // 6.5% commission per sale

Temple Spa // 6% commission per sale

AliExpress // 2-7% commission on each sale

Etsy // 2-4% commission per sale

My Geek Box // up to $30.00 per subscription sale

Fab Fit Fun // $9 commission per sale

Keep in mind, you’ll join the affiliate network first. When you get approved, you can search for the programs in your dashboard here:

Awin Search | How to use Awin Affiliate Network to Make Money Blogging

And then you’ll click the button to “Join Program” here:

How to Join an Affiliate Program Using Awin

You’ll just agree to the terms and write a quick blurb about how you plan to promote the products or service. And that’s it!


You can join the Share-a-Sale network HERE. Some of my favorite and highest paying affiliate programs are available in this free network. It has thousands of great programs to join, and plenty of good ones for beauty bloggers! Here is a big ol’ list of some great affiliate programs in the network.

Warby Parker // 20% commission per sale

Able // 20% commission per sale

Glam Boxes // 13% commission per sale

Tieks // 10% commission per sale

Cents of Style // 10% commission per sale

Claire’s // 5% commission per sale

Sally Beauty // 5% commission per sale

Dollar Tree // 4-7% commission per sale

Madison Reed // $20 per sale

Pampered Mommy Box // $4 per sale

You’ll search for programs to join here:

Share a Sale Dashboard | Learn how to make money as a fashion blogger using the Shareasale affiliate network

And then you’ll click the button to “Join Program” here:

How to use Share a Sale for Affiliate Marketing

Simply sign up here, apply to the programs that you want to join, and then start promoting your affiliate products to your audience. It takes a little time to grow and start making steady money, but this is your starting point. So, start today!


Alright now, this is the one you’ve been waiting for! All of these networks are great, but Rakuten probably has the absolute best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. You can sign up here (it’s FREE)! Here are their top programs and how much you can earn from each sale.

IGXO Cosmetics // 12% commission per sale

Royale Platinum Hair Care Products // 10% commission per sale

Bare Minerals // 8% commission per sale

Kat Von D //8% commission per sale

SmashBox Cosmetics // 8% commission per sale

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics // 8% commission per sale

Wet n Wild // 6% commission per sale

LipSmacker // 6% commission per sale

BirchBox // 5% commission per sale

MAC Cosmetics // 4-6% commission per sale

Charlotte Russe // 4% commission per sale

Influenster // 3% commission per sale

Once you get approved by Rakuten, you can search for affiliate programs here in your dashboard:

Rakuten Affiliate Network Dashboard | Learn how to make money as a fashion blogger using Rakuten

Apply for the program you want to join here:

Rakuten Affiliate Network Dashboard | Learn how to make money as a fashion blogger using Rakuten

You’ll agree to the terms and that’s it! Most companies approve within a week or so, from my personal experience.

And for good measure, I’ll throw in a few individual affiliate programs you can apply for! Remember, with these programs, you work directly with that company. You don’t have to apply to any network to join their program:

Sephora // 5-10% commissions per sale

Ulta Beauty // 2-5% commissions per sale



Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make money from your blog, but it’s certainly not the only way. Let’s talk about two other ways to make money from your blog or vlog.

Doing sponsored posts:

This is how sponsored posts work: you reach out to individual companies that you want to work with and pitch them your idea for a sponsored post. This usually consists of promoting their products or services on your own blog or social channels.

Maybe there is a beauty product you want to share with your readers. Maybe there is a local spa you’d like to feature on social media. Or, maybe there is even a skin care company you’d like to review. Soooo many options for you, so get creative!

{Actionable Tip}:

Make a list of the top ten beauty products, services, and companies you’d like to work with. Find their company contact information, and ask them if they’d be interested in working with you on a blog feature.


Best-kept blogging secret:

You can usually join a company affiliate program AND promote that company through a sponsored post (unless otherwise stated in their terms).

This means that you can get paid to write a sponsored post AND also use your own affiliate links in that post to promote that company’s products and/or services…. This can lead to double the income with very little extra effort – and that’s the kind of math >> THIS BLOGGER << likes to do!

Here is a comprehensive article about working with brands on sponsored posts. It also includes a pitching guide to help you land those sponsored gigs and get paid!




Wanna know a fun little fact about me? When I first started blogging, I had a very general mommy blog and I promoted and sold my own sugar scrubs there!

Now, quite honestly, I didn’t sell much…because my heart wasn’t really in it and I had no idea what the heck I was doing. But, if you’ve ever thought about selling your own makeup or starting your own skincare line, you CAN do it! Just look at Lani Lazzari from Simple Sugars (as seen on Shark Tank).

Just a motivated young girl on a mission to help people care for their sensitive skin…. And yeah, she’s a millionaire now…

There is no limit to what you can accomplish. So, do some affiliate marketing. Do some sponsored posts. Create something awesome and sell it to your audience.

There are so many fun and flexible ways to make money as a beauty blogger!

I hope this article has been helpful. If you enjoyed these tips, please take a minute to share this post on Pinterest!

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