How to Make Quick Money from a Brand New Blog (Even with Low Traffic)


Did you know that you can start making money almost immediately after you launch your blog?


If you’re a new blogger and you’re trying to figure out how to make money from your blog, this article is for you!


It’s going to show you exactly how to make quick money from a brand new blog, even if you don’t have much traffic yet.


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Firstly, let’s do a quick recap of how bloggers make money.




Bloggers typically make money from sharing and promoting things through their blog content.


They might promote and sell their own stuff, promote and sell someone else’s stuff, or sell ad space on their website.


But as with any business, selling something through your blog is how you’ll make money.


Not like the ‘sleazy car salesman’ kind of selling. Just the ‘providing something valuable in exchange for money’ kind of selling.


Just like every other successful business.




If you’re a brand-new blogger, you probably don’t have your own products and services to sell yet.


And if that’s the case, don’t worry!


There are plenty of ways to make money from your blog when you don’t have anything of your own to sell.


What is one of the easiest ways to make money from a brand-new blog?




Affiliate marketing is simply promoting products or services for another company. As an ‘affiliate’ for that company, you’ll receive a trackable link to the products that you’re promoting. You can then share that link through blog posts, social media posts, and more.


If anyone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you get a commission from that company.


Here are some well-known companies that have affiliate programs:




And here are some niche-specific companies that also have affiliate programs:


California Wine Club
College Subscription Services
Stella & Dot
Cheap CBD Deals


Affiliate marketing is a great way to serve up some awesome value for your blog readers while also making money from your blog!


Because remember, if your readers see value in the products and services you recommend, they’ll click that affiliate link to make a purchase, and you’ll earn a commission from it.


But what if you’re a brand-new blogger that doesn’t have much blog traffic yet? Surely you can’t land very many affiliate sales if people aren’t visiting your blog or clicking on your affiliate links, right?


It is true that you will need an audience of targeted blog readers in order to make decent affiliate sales.


However, actual affiliate sales aren’t the only way to make money from your favorite affiliate programs!


Let’s dig into the logistics and talk about one surefire way to start making money with affiliate marketing, even if your traffic is painfully low.




Now we know that bloggers can make money from promoting affiliate products on their blog, right? But what if your traffic is so low that no one is really seeing your affiliate links or clicking on them?


This is when you can turn your attention to the bonus commission opportunities that many affiliate programs offer.


This usually involves writing a promotional blog post that is dedicated to a specific affiliate product or service, in exchange for a bonus commission.


This is NOT the same as creating your own general blog posts and just popping in a few affiliate links.




This is actually an opportunity to make some GUARANTEED money from a dedicated blog post that follows the promotional guidelines set out by the affiliate manager you’re working with (the person who runs the affiliate program).


When you write and publish that blog post according to their instructions, they pay you a bonus commission with no strings attached.


And this affiliate marketing strategy is even better than regular affiliate sales in a way, because you aren’t relying on anyone to click on your link to make some money. You get paid whether people click on your affiliate links or not!


Grab my Affiliate Program Master List with 1000+ programs in every blog niche HERE!


This bonus is usually NOT a large amount of money, usually just $25 – $50, from my experience.


But, if this was an affiliate product that you planned to promote anyway, you might as well make some guaranteed cash from it from day one!


I’ll share one of these affiliate blog post offers below for further clarification.




Today I received an email with the subject: ‘Earn $35 in 30 minutes.’


Sounds good to me!


I recognized that the email was from an affiliate program that I promote, so I opened it up. Here is what the email said:


Essentially, this company that I‘m affiliated with was offering a bonus commission for writing a dedicated blog post promoting their products. And it only required a 500-word blog post about a product that I would be promoting anyway.


All I have to do is write the blog post, email the published post to them, and then receive my bonus.


And what’s even better than that?


The blog post that I publish will contain MY affiliate links!


This means that (if it’s a quality blog post that truly serves my audience) I have an additional opportunity to make continuous commissions from affiliate sales for the foreseeable future.


Once you start signing up for affiliate programs, you’ll get emails like this from affiliate managers that want to work with you on promotional blog posts. It doesn’t happen with every affiliate program, but it does happen if you consistently join new programs and reach out to affiliate managers for support!


These affiliate managers WANT to see you succeed, because if YOU succeed, THEY succeed.


Pro tip: if you’re not getting email offers to earn bonus commissions from your affiliate programs, then you can reach out to your affiliate managers and ask them if they have any bonus commission opportunities available!


Although I haven’t kept track of every program out there that offers bonus commissions for dedicated blog posts, here are a few that I’ve found and worked with recently:


– Etsy
Easy Closets


I’ll keep adding to this list as time goes on too, so be sure to pin this article and check back often!




There are a few things that you’ll need to have set up before you start getting emails like this. But I promise, it’s not that crazy or complicated!


# 1: You’ll need a BLOG.


Ideally, you are already setup with your own self-hosted website. If not, you can follow this easy starter guide to do that now.


# 2: You’ll need some original content on the blog. 


Most affiliate networks won’t specify exactly how many blog posts they want you to have published, but you definitely need some content on your site.


I personally wouldn’t apply to any affiliate networks unless I had at least 10 blog posts on my site.


# 3: You’ll need legal pages on your site.


To earn money from affiliate programs, you must have legal pages on your website.


You can buy these legal pages through a lawyer who specializes in helping bloggers. Or you can follow this guide to draft up your own (a guide written by the same lawyer).


You’ll need these legal pages on your site whether you choose to do affiliate marketing or not, so this is one investment that you need to plan for either way.


# 4: You’ll need to join affiliate networks.


To start receiving bonus commission offers like the one above, you’ll need to join affiliate programs that provide these bonuses.


I highly recommend joining the Share-a-Sale network and joining programs through them. Their affiliate managers are some of the best around and they are always eager to help affiliates make sales.


And that’s it!




As a quick recap for you speedy scrollers out there, here’s what we covered in this article today!


Affiliate marketing is the simple act of promoting another company’s products on your own blog, through a trackable link, called an affiliate link. You need blog traffic and targeted blog readers in order to make affiliate sales, but you have another option to make some GUARANTEED income from just writing a simple blog post.


Reach out to the affiliate manager of the program you want to promote and ask them if they offer any bonus commissions for dedicated blog posts or promotions.


You’d be surprised how often affiliate companies are willing to provide a little extra incentive to get their products in front of your audience!


For more affiliate marketing tips and strategies like this one, join us for the JUNE 2020 AFFILIATE MARKETING CHALLENGE HERE. We’ll be running a 4-week private blogging challenge to help you improve your strategies and boost your affiliate income!


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