How to Write the Perfect ABOUT Page for Your Blog


Struggling to write the perfect ABOUT page for your blog?


Well, worry not, my friend! This article is going to cover everything you need to know.


Creating your about page is one of the most important things that you can do for your blog today, so let’s do it right.


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A lot of bloggers struggle with writing their ABOUT page (also known as an ‘about me’ or ‘about us’ page).


Bloggers can write their hearts out about any topic under the sun, but as soon as you ask them to write an ABOUT page on their own site, they’re stumped.




Probably because they think they’ll need to brag about how great and talented they are. And that makes most of us cringe!


That’s actually a common misconception of about pages, and it’s one that we’re going to clear up right now.


Your about page is more about your reader than it is about you.




Go ahead. Relax your shoulders and let out a big sigh of relief.


Yes, the about page for your blog should be MOSTLY focused on how this space is going to benefit your reader if they stick around.


You’ll share your own personal bio in there too, but it doesn’t have to be a whole book about your life and your awesomeness. More on that later.


So, how can you write the perfect about page for your blog? By remembering that it’s all about your reader and how this blog is going to benefit THEM.


There are 5 important parts to every solid about page. But there are few things that we have to know about our readers before we can get started on writing (or refining) our about page.


If you haven’t started your blog yet, follow this easy step-by-step guide!




To write a great ABOUT page for your blog, you’ll need to figure out WHO you want reading your blog in the first place.


Not your mom or your best friend, but the people that you truly want to impact through what you share on your website. Your target audience.


We want to know exactly who they are so we can speak directly to them.


Remember, if your audience feels understood by you, they’re more likely to stick around and read your stuff! So, start with a solid, detailed picture of your dream blog reader.




It helps if you think of them like an actual person with an actual name. Who are they? What are they searching for online?


Example: My target reader is Jenny. She’s a married woman and a mom of twins. She’s searching online for time-saving tips and organization ideas to manage her busy life at home with small kids.


Now, we know who she is and what she’s searching for online, so we can make sure that our about page speaks to HER.


When our readers come to our about page, they need to know (without a doubt and within a few seconds) that we’re speaking to THEM and we have something valuable to offer them.


This simple little tactic turns random blog readers into loyal blog readers!


And now that we have a solid picture of who our target audience is and what they want from us, we can start working on the actual elements of our about page.





This is the first and most important element of every GREAT ‘about’ page.


When writing this page for your blog, you always want to start with what THE BLOG is about.


Yes, your about page is actually allllll about the value you’re giving to your blog readers.


So, instead of starting with a long backstory about yourself, you should start with a catchy sentence or two that will captivate your target audience and let them know that this blog is for them!


Remember: your target audience is NOT everyone, so it’s okay if these first few sentences draw your dream readers in and push everyone else away.


That’s what it should do!


You have just a few seconds to capture the attention of your reader, so make these first few sentences count.


Don’t overcomplicate this.


In our about page intro, we can simply summarize the focus of our website and our content in a few sentences. Thank your readers for stopping by, and then captivate them with a quick summary of all the awesomeness they’re going to find on your blog.


Something like this:


‘This blog is all about awesome books and gorgeous bookstores. But beware, this is NOT your mama’s boring book list! We keep things fresh and fun around here, so we’ll be digging into every book genre you can think of, including erotica (sorry mom). Everything you find here will revolve around the best books to read and the coolest bookstores to visit.’


Although you have a lot of freedom with the layout, tone, and content of your about page, you definitely need to start with what the blog itself is all about.


Let your reader know within a few short sentences that they are in the right place.


This is actually the key to writing the perfect about page.





Now your reader knows exactly what your blog is all about, and they’re still here on the page. Yay.


To solidify the fact that this blog is worth reading (and maybe bookmarking?), we also want to tell our readers HOW this blog is going to help them!


At this point, the general message on our about page will be something like this: Welcome to my blog. This blog is about X, Y, and Z. We’re here to help person A, B, and C accomplish 1, 2, and 3!


Of course, we need to inject some personality in here and speak to our reader like we’re speaking to a friend. But essentially, this is the message we’re trying to convey: this blog is going to HELP THEM with exactly what they want or need.


Now, you might be saying to yourself, ‘But Cate, I don’t know how to help my readers accomplish anything.


And to that, I’m going to say: stop overthinking this.


The “help” that you provide does not need to be in any grandiose or complicated form.


Maybe they want easy gluten-free recipes – your recipes are HELPING them.
Maybe they want tips for camping with kids – your tips are HELPING them.


If you know your niche and you know your target reader, you can provide helpful content for them. And here on our about page, it’s time to tell them what kind of help we provide.


Again, keep it SIMPLE.


‘We’re here to help you do X, Y, and Z.’


This will help you to connect with your target audience and solidify their belief that they belong here and will benefit from sticking around and reading your blog!


And guess what? When people stick around and read your blog, it gives YOU the opportunity to make more money … so getting it right on your about page is super important.




Now that your reader knows what your blog is all about and how it’s going to help them, it’s time to share a little more of yourself with them.


Blog readers want to connect with real people.


They want to know your name, see your face, and feel that you genuinely care and understand them. They also want to know about your story and why you’re the one they should listen to.


So yes, it’s time to get a little personal!


Share your story and your expertise. Let the reader know why YOU are the person they should come to for information on this specific topic.


You have a unique edge (everyone does) and it’s time to show it off!


Does that feel a little presumptuous?


It’s not. So get that out of your head.


There are millions of blogs and bloggers out there. They’re all vying for the attention of that blog reader. And while there is room for everyone to be successful, we basically just managed to land an audition on The Voice.


Are we really going to give up on the opportunity to work with Blake Shelton because we’re too shy to tell them we’ve got what it takes?




We’re going to jump up on that stage and belt it out, right?



It is your time to shine! Time to share your expertise, your experiences, your inspiration.


Let your reader know why YOU are the person they should choose to learn from, follow, or engage with. Let them know why YOU are the best person to serve them. Because remember, it’s all about serving our audience.


Even when we’re sharing about ourselves, we’re doing so in relation to our blog and how it can benefit our readers.




We have a petty good foundation set for our about page now! Our reader knows what the blog is all about, how the blog is going to help them, and why we are the best person to deliver this value. They might even be inspired by our story or motivated by our success!


Remember though, that a bunch of plain text on a page is very overwhelming for the eyes, especially on mobile.


Be sure to break up the text on your about page with some bullet points, numbers, images, or text boxes.


Some simple ways to incorporate these:

A list of fun facts about yourself
List your credentials, if applicable
List places that you’ve been, if applicable
A list of your favorite things
A list of things your readers will love about the blog




You’re almost done with the about page for your blog!


Not all that scary after all, right?


If you’ve done your job right, your target reader is still here on the about page, and they’re feeling connected to you and your blog.


Soooooo, what are you gonna do with them now? Just end it here and hope they come back to your blog?


No way, Jose.


You are going to guide them. Let them know what they should do next.


What they should do next will depend on your personal goals.


Are you trying to get them on your email list? If so, offer them a great freebie and send them to a subscribe page. Trying to keep them on your website longer? Send them to a series of blog posts that will be interesting to them. Trying to get them to join your Facebook group? Leave them a link.


This little call-to-action is super important because it keeps your readers engaged with your content, no matter which route they take after leaving your about page!


When deciding on a call-to-action, make sure you’re calling them to do something that will truly benefit them. If you do that, it will end up benefiting you both.


Don’t forget to grab your printable ‘Craft the Perfect About Page’ worksheet here!




Let’s do a few examples to make sure we’ve driven this point home!


Here is the about page for Snacking in Sneakers. Starts off with an inviting picture, then a short and sweet explanation of what the blog is about, who the blog is for, and why she’s a reliable resource in this niche. Then, she adds some personality by including a list of fun facts about herself. And ends with a call-to-action to follow her on social media.




Here is the about page for, a search engine optimization website. Now this is a much bigger company and it’s more than just a blog, but the about page is still a great example of one that’s done right.


They hook you with a one-liner, ‘We know SEO. In fact, we wrote the book on it.’


Then, they go into what the site is about, their mission, and who they’re helping. Because it’s a large company with a long history, they continue on with a deeper explanation of how they were founded and more. They wrap up with a brief and inspiring explanation of where their site name came from. And lastly, a call-to-action that invites you to read more on their site.




For good measure, I’ll throw my mom blog into the mix.


This is the about page for Making Mom Life Easy.


We start with a lighthearted explanation of what the blog is about and who it’s for. We take it a step further to express how the content here will help our readers. And then our call-to-action invites our readers to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!





I think you’ve got a solid understanding of what a good about page includes by now, but I’m gonna quiz you anyway, okay?


What are the 5 things that every ‘about’ page should have?


An explanation of what the blog is about.
An explanation of who the blog is helping and how.
Your personal bio that connects you and your expertise to your reader.
Easy-to-read text that is broken up into sections with bullet points.
A call-to-action asking your reader to do something specific.


And the most important thing to remember is the about page is really about your reader, not about you.


This page is about your blog, how your blog is going to give value to your reader, and why that reader should keep coming back for more.


This is your audition: let them know that you’ve got what it takes to be their go-to source for information on these particular topics.


That’s how we create die-hard fans!


Do these things, and you will have a rock solid about page for your blog. It will give you an opportunity to connect with your reader on a personal level, get more targeted traffic, and serve your readers more fully.


So, get to work on that about page and drop the link here in the comments when you’re done so that I can sneak a peek!


What to do next?


Now that you have a rockstar about page that draws in your target audience, do you want to learn about making money from your blog?


Here’s how to turn your blog into a money-making business this year!

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