March Blog Post Ideas to Increase Your Traffic

If you’re on the hunt for March blog post ideas and inspiration, you’re in the right place. 

Getting fresh content up on your blog in time for the new month can be frustrating if you’re not sure what to write about. To help you out, we’ve put together this big ol’ list of blog post topics that you can write about in the month of March.

If done right, this can be an easy way to boost your blog traffic and get more eyes on your blog content and/or social media posts. These March blog post ideas will help you move into the Spring blogging season with ease!

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How can you make the most of this list?

Scroll through these suggestions with the goal of helping your own target audience. Think about what they are searching for and how you can help them solve their problems or fill their needs.

Don’t write about Spring Cleaning just because it’s a popular topic. Stay in your lane and only write blog posts that fit within your niche market.

And make sure to optimize your posts for search engines so that you can soak up that free traffic that comes directly from Google! 

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Writing about things that your audience is searching for is really only half the battle. You also have to optimize your website and your blog posts so that people can find your posts on Google. 

Now, let’s get into our list of March blog post ideas!


Sports and entertainment… topics that seem to make the world go round, even during tough times. The world of entertainment is arguably one of the most popular topics online, and people are always on the hunt for something to entertain or distract them. 

Here are some topics people might be searching for in the month of March!

Be sure to do your Keyword research and make sure that your blog post topic is something people actually search for. You can do your keyword research via Keysearch right here

Of course, some events may be postponed due to current world events, so be sure to do your research before writing up a blog post.

  • National Athletic Training Month
  • New York Wind Band Festival
  • Social Media Examiner Social Media Marketing Conference
  • World Fishing and Outdoor Expo
  • Garlic Fest in Palm Beach Florida
  • Louisiana Comic Con
  • Local concerts or plays (including virtual or socially-distanced)
  • Boxing/UFC fights
  • Niche-specific trade shows or expos
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parties
  • Upcoming Easter events


If you’re a food or recipe blogger, what is your audience going to be searching for in the month of March? And as always, be sure to use a keyword research tool like Keysearch or SemRush to help you investigate!

Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm:

  • National Caffeine Awareness Month
  • St. Patricks Day Treats
  • Warm weather snacks
  • Springtime appetizers
  • Fruity drinks
  • Warm weather drinks
  • Easy dinner recipes
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • Best food delivery apps
  • Best meal delivery services

Food topics trending on Pinterest in March:

  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easy dinners
  • Chicken thigh recipes
  • Salmon recipes
  • Healthy snacks
  • Spring rolls
  • Shrimp recipes
  • Keto chaffle recipe
  • Chocolate bunnies

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Beauty and fashion topics are always a hit on Pinterest and social media. If this fits in your niche, do a little keyword research and then create some fresh content on one of the topics below.

  • Spring cleaning your makeup bag
  • Spring cleaning your closet
  • Spring fashion
  • Capsule wardrobes
  • Date night hair and makeup
  • Spring hairstyles
  • Spring skincare
  • Tanning/self tanner
  • Self care/subscription boxes

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Some March blog post ideas in the health and fitness space:

  • Spring cleaning the cupboards and fridge
  • Best workout clothes for Springtime
  • Indoor workout routines
  • Quick and easy workouts
  • Getting started with Paleo
  • Getting started with Keto
  • Tips for beginner Vegans
  • Fasting/ intermittent fasting
  • Strength training for beginners

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Since travel might still be limited in March, some of these post topics aren’t going to bring in as much blog traffic as you’re used to. This is why using a tool like Keysearch is so important. You want to make sure that people are actually searching for the topics you’re writing about.

  • Traveling during Covid-19
  • Traveling solo during a pandemic
  • Traveling with kids during a pandemic
  • What to do instead of traveling for Easter
  • Virtual travel experiences

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Whether your readers are hosting an Easter party, remodeling their house, or just decorating for the Spring season, here are some March blog post ideas that can help them out!

  • Spring cleaning tips
  • Spring decor ideas
  • Remodeling your house on a budget
  • How to update your Spring style
  • Gardening tips for Springtime


National Holidays are a mixture of important and/or light-hearted days that get their own designated recognition throughout the year. If the national day is relevant to your audience, then sharing about it on your blog or social media can lead to a nice little boost in views.

Below are a few of the national/international days that fall on each day in March.

March is also recognized for the following:

  • Endometriosis Awareness Month
  • Irish-American Heritage Month
  • Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
  • National Brain Injury Awareness Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Trisomy Awareness Month
  • National Women’s History Month


National Fruit Compote Day
National Horse Protection Day
National Minnesota Day
National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
National Pig Day
Peace Corps Week Begins
Saint David’s Day
Self-Injury Awareness Day
World Compliment Day


National Banana Cream Pie Day
Read Across America Day
World Teen Mental Wellness Day


National Anthem Day
National Caregiver Appreciation Day
National Cold Cuts Day
National I Want You to Be Happy Day
National Mulled Wine Day 
Soup It Forward Day


Marching Music Day
National Grammar Day
National Hug a G.I. Day
National Pound Cake Day
National Sons Day


National Absinthe Day
National Cheese Doodle Day
National Employee Appreciation Day
National Multiple Personality Day
National Day of Unplugging
World Day of Prayer


National Dentist’s Day
National Dress Day
National Frozen Food Day
National Oreo Cookie Day
National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day


National Be Heard  Day
National Cereal Day
National Crown of Roast Pork Day
National Flapjack Day


International Women’s Day
National be Nasty Day
National Oregon Day
National Peanut Cluster Day
National Proofreading Day


National Barbie Day
National Crabmeat Day
National Get Over it Day
National Meatball Day
National Panic Day


International Day of Awesomeness
International Find a Pay Phone Booth Day
National Blueberry Popover Day
National Mario Day
National Pack Your Lunch Day
National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day 
National Johnny Appleseed Day
National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day
National Popcorn Lover’s Day
National Promposal Day
National Worship of Tools Day
World Kidney Day


National Baked Scallops Day
National Girl Scout Day
National Plant a Flower Day


National Coconut Torte Day
National Earmuff Day
National Genealogy Day
National Good Samaritan Day
National Jewel Day
National K9 Veterans Day
National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day


National Children’s Craft Day
National Learn About Butterflies Day
National Pi Day
National Potato Chip Day
National Write Down Your Story Day


National Buzzards Day
National ‘Everything You Think is Wrong’ Day
National Kansas Day
National Shoe the World Day
National Napping Day
The Ides of March


National Artichoke Hearts Day
National Everything You Do Is Right Day
National Freedom of Information Day
National Panda Day
World Social Work Day


National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day
St. Patrick’s Day


Goddess of Fertility Day
National Awkward Moments Day
National Biodiesel Day
National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day
National Sloppy Joe Day
National Supreme Sacrifice Day


National Certified Nurses Day
National Chocolate Caramel Day
National Let’s Laugh Day
National Poultry Day


International Day of Happiness
International Earth Day
International Sports Car Racing Day
March Equinox
National Corn Dog Day
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
National Proposal Day
National Ravioli Day
World Flour Day


National California Strawberry Day
National Common Courtesy Day
National Countdown Day
National Fragrance Day
National French Bread Day
National Single Parent Day
World Down Syndrome Day
World Poetry Day


National Bavarian Crepes Day
National Goof Off Day


National Chia Day
National Chip and Dip Day
National Melba Toast Day
National Puppy Day 
National Tamale Day


National American Diabetes Association Alert Day
National Cheesesteak Day
National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day


National Feast of the Annunciation
National Lobster Newburg Day
National Medal of Honor Day
National Pecan Day
National Tolkien Reading Day
National Waffle Day


Epilepsy Awareness Day – Purple Day
National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
National Nougat Day
National Spinach Day


International Medical Science Liaison Day
National Joe Day
National Scribble Day
National Spanish Paella Day


National Black Forest Cake Day
National Something on a Stick Day
National Triglycerides Day
National Weed Appreciation Day


National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day
National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
National Nevada Day
National Smoke and Mirrors Day
National Vietnam War Veterans Day


National Doctors Day
National I Am in Control Day
National Pencil Day
National Take a Walk in the Park Day
National Turkey Neck Soup Day
National Virtual Vacation Day


National Bunsen Burner Day
National Crayon Day
National Prom Day
National Tater Day
World Backup Day


If you need more March blog post ideas, check out these free resources…

Pinterest Trends: Pinterest releases their trending topics each day, week, and month of the year. It’s a great place to find january blog post ideas. 

Google Trends: Google releases their results for all keyword topics and trends since the beginning of Google’s existence.

Facebook Groups: Facebook groups in your niche are a great place to find blog post ideas. What are people aching about right now? What does your target audience need help with? 

Keep a running list of ideas so that you always have something to fall back on! Always remember to publish your seasonal posts ahead of time so they can start gaining traction before the month of March hits!

And most importantly, be sure to study up on search engine optimization so that you can maximize the reach of your blog posts each month! This free masterclass guide is the best place to start. 

Once you have an optimized blog post published, you’ll want to get more eyes on the post. This free traffic guide covers everything you need to know about boosting your blog traffic.  

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