How to Earn Extra Income from the Chewy Affiliate Program

If you’re an influencer, blogger, or content creator in the pet niche, get ready to learn about the Chewy Affiliate Program!

Lifestyle or parenting content creators could be a good fit for this program too if they share about their pets frequently.

In this article, we’ll cover how to increase your affiliate income by joining this program. But first, let me share a little more about why the Chewy Affiliate Program is so beneficial for bloggers to join.

As a side note, be sure to skim through this Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing. 


Chewy, owned by Petsmart, is an American online retailer of pet food, treats, and other pet-related products. Unlike other online pet retailers, Chewy sets the bar for customer support. In fact, they provide 24/7 assistance to their pet parent customers every day of the year.

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Chewy has a vast selection of items to meet every pet’s needs.

They carry over 45,000 different pet products ranging from their own private label foods to prescription medications to help your furry friends feel good.

Another feature that Chewy offers is fast reliable shipping.

Pet parents can expect fast 1-2 day shipping, along with excellent customer service.

Chewy also gives back to the community. Just in 2020 alone, they exceeded $27 million in animal aid donations to various shelters and animal welfare organizations.


The Chewy affiliate program is hosted on the Flexoffers Network. The company has created a great opportunity for bloggers and influencers in the pet niche space to promote their products in exchange for a generous commission on sales. 

Since they stock over 1,000 different brands of pet supplies at a great value, this ensures your followers that they’re not only getting a great deal but so are their pets.

The Chewy affiliate program is 100% free to join, which is why you should jump on this program, like now.


This program features:

  • A flat rate commission of $12 for new customers
  • 1:1 support with Chewy’s affiliate team
  • Affiliate newsletters with creatives & content ideas to help you succeed.
  • A 15-day cookie duration 

One important note about Chewy’s commission: they ONLY pay for new customer purchases within the 15-day cookie. 

This means, if you refer a customer who buys a dog bed today and in 5 days buys a dog bowl, you will get $12 per transaction. However, if the same customer comes back to buy on day 20, you will not receive commission.


It’s free to join the Chewy affiliate program through Flexoffers.

First, you’ll sign up for Flexoffers. After getting approval into the network, you’ll go to the Search Advertisers tab and search for Chewy.

Looks like this:

Then click the button to ‘Join program’. Agree to the terms and then click the big green ‘Apply to Program’ button. 

You’ll usually receive an email or approval or denial within a few days. 

If you need a video walk-through that shows you how to search for and apply to programs on Flexoffers, check out the video tutorial below.


Once you’re approved for the Chewy affiliate program you’ll need to login to Flexoffers and grab your Chewy affiliate links so you can start promoting them.

Here’s how to find your links in Flexoffers:

Login and click on the ‘Links’ tab at the top of your homepage.

Then, scroll down and type the program (in the case Chewy) you want to promote into the search bar on the left side of your screen. You can use Advertiser Search or Name Search.

Pro tip: if you start typing into the ‘Advertiser Search’ bar, it’ll auto-populate with all the programs you are already approved for, making your job EASIER!

Search for Chewy, hit the bit blue search bar at the bottom of your screen, and boom!

All available affiliate links for this program will auto-fill on your screen. Just click the blue ‘View Link’ button to access the link you want to share with your audience.

Looks like this:

Then hit the ‘Link’ tab and select the URL.

And YOUR AFFILIATE LINK is ready to copy and paste wherever you want to promote it!

Tip: always make sure your promotional places are listed under ‘Traffic Sources’ within your Flexoffers account (we are only allowed to promote our affiliate links in these places). 


You’ve joined the affiliate program. You have your affiliate links in hand, ready to share them, but wait, what comes next?

Remember, the goal is to SHARE, not sell.

Promoting Chewy products to your readers should come fairly easy if you’re in the pet niche.

Take some time to consider the following:

  • What kind of pets do my readers have?
  • What products might my readers want for their pets?
  • Would my readers like to see reviews on certain pet foods or toys?
  • How can my readers benefit from Chewy’s pet prescription medication services?

Once you’ve identified the answers to those questions, consider all the products Chewy has to promote and how you can share them with your readers.

For instance, if your audience is tailored to bird lovers, they may love to hear more about Chewy’s Bird Deals of The Day.

With pet products available for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, horses, fish, and even reptiles, there’s bound to be a product for one of your readers and their pets!

Share affiliate products that are:

  • Essentials
  • On sale
  • Limited Edition
  • Useful
  • Interesting

We don’t need to push products on anybody. 

We can simply share our recommendations, our experiences, our reviews, our favorite deals, etc. 

People that are interested in them, will buy them, if we present that opportunity.

Chewy affiliate products & deals to share are:

  • Pet Beds
  • Foods, Treats, and Supplements
  • Pet Toys
  • Grooming Supplies (great for parents trying to keep their homes free & clear of pet hair)
  • Pet Pharmacy Deals
  • How to save an extra 5% with Chewy’s auto-ship
  • And much more!


The best affiliate conversions typically come from blog posts or videos. With these two mediums, you’re able to provide the most detailed presentation of the items being shared. 

So, start with writing an article. An article about your pet’s favorite toy or how their fur coat stopped shedding after using a specific shampoo.

Then, you can share that article or video wherever your audience is spending time (see below for some ideas).

Share your affiliate blog posts on:


It’s great that you can share your blog posts all over the internet, BUT, it’s even better if people come to YOU right when they need the products/services you’re recommending.

This is where your search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play!

Take the time to learn how to optimize your posts for search engines.

This will help land your article on page ONE of Google, where people are searching for the affiliate things you are linking to.

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to increase affiliate conversions.

Need more help? This free SEO masterclass teaches bloggers how to master search engine optimization and get your blog posts on page one, spot one, of search engines.

And for more tips on making money with affiliate marketing, see the posts and resources below!


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