7 Sites that Pay Travel Bloggers to Write for Them

This one is for my fellow bloggers that have a passion for writing travel-based blog content! I put together this list of sites that pay travel bloggers to write for them (along with the requirements for each site)! If you find it helpful, be sure to pin this baby for later.


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If you’re looking to make money from guest posting on other sites in your niche, start with this list! Keep in mind that submitting your blog post for consideration does not guarantee that you’ll be published on their site. To improve your chances, be sure to follow the submission guidelines carefully when pitching your idea.


Desert USA


This website will pay bloggers that write about travel in the North American desert, with a focus on “natural and cultural history.” They accept submissions in these categories: wildlife, Native American arts and crafts, adventure, travel, history, and desert lore.


The pay is $50 for approved 1200-1500-word submissions.


Great Escape Publishing


This website will pay bloggers to write about making money while traveling. According to their submission guidelines, they focus on the craft of getting paid to travel. So, if you have any experience getting paid to travel, you can submit your story to them for a chance to be featured and get paid! Not every submission will be chosen, so make sure your email pitch stands out!


The pay is $150 for approved 300-600-word submissions.


International Living


According to their website, International Living is a ‘comprehensive resource of essential information to help you find your dream retirement overseas’. Their site provides information on the best places to live, retire, and travel.


They are looking for guest post submissions from travel bloggers that have experience with these kinds of content creation: expat advice, travel tips and hacks, listicles, itineraries, slideshows, how-to and step-by-step guides, or video.


The pay is $100 for approved 1,000-word submissions. They also offer $150 for a 3-minute video with 600 words of copy.


Transitions Abroad


This website is currently looking for articles on ‘working, living, volunteering, and studying abroad’. Their website specifies that they want ‘useful and first-hand information’ that is engaging for readers and doesn’t require much editing… In other words, do your job, write great content, and proofread the heck out of it before submitting.


Get tips for writing engaging blog posts here.


They pay $75-150 for approved 1250-1300-word submissions. To increase your chances of getting published on their site, they recommend including a link to your portfolio and relevant articles.


Lost Girls World


This website is currently looking for city guides and that follow the format of the current city guides on their site. They are also looking for bloggers to interview editors from major travel publications and publish articles about how to pitch to those publications and get paid.


The pay is $12 per approved submission.


World Hum


This website accepts travel stories, rants and raves about travel, travel interviews, listicles, and audio slideshows. They ask for submissions to be no more than 1,500 words. When submitting your article, you should paste the completed article and a brief bio IN THE BODY of the email. And do no include any attachments.


Pay is discussed on an individual basis for the submissions that are approved.


Go World Travel


This website is looking for ‘honest, down to earth, descriptive’ travel writing. They accept articles between 850 – 1,600 words. All submissions should include your contact info and your bio.


The pay is $30-40 for approved submissions.




Sometimes, websites that don’t offer monetary payment can still have great value for travel bloggers. If you submit an article to a website that has a loyal audience and a decent domain authority, this can be incredibly beneficial to your SEO (more info on the importance of backlinks here).

Here are some travel sites that accept guest posts and will provide a do-follow backlink to your blog if your submission is approved and published on their site!




Global GrassHopper – this website is looking for travel-focused blog post submissions with at least 850 words. The content must be unpublished and original, ideally with original high-quality photos included!


Postcards from the World – this website is looking for articles that have anything to do with hiking, trekking, or nature walking. The content must be at least 500 words, unpublished and original, and should include 3-10 photos. Be sure to include a short bio and a link to your blog or social media.


Am I Nearly There Yet – this website accepts travel related guest posts including content about travel destinations, travel advice, travel equipment, or funny travel stories. All articles must be unpublished and original. Quirky and funny articles are acceptable.


Short Travel Trips – this website accepts guest posts from travel bloggers with travel stories to share. They require all submissions to be original and unpublished, at least 600 words, and include at least one photo.


Indie Travel Podcast – this website is looking for articles about local festivals and city guides. All subissions must be between 800-1200 words and follow the article structure in the above guidelines.


There are plenty of sites that pay travel bloggers to write. We’re just scratching the surface of opportunity here!


Make sure your writing stands out from the crowd and be sure to get creative with your pitches.


Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure, grow your audience, improve your domain authority, and even make some money. But don’t forget, pitching takes time and effort, and it’s a bit of a numbers game. You might have to send a lot of pitches to land that first one – but if you want to make money from guest posting (or freelance writing), this is the way to go.


A few other ways to make money from your writing: affiliate marketing and sponsored posts!


Know of some other travel blogs that accept guest posts or paid submissions? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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