How to Use the BannerBuzz Affiliate Program

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to join and make money with the BannerBuzz Affiliate program.

With the BannerBuzz affiliate program, you can earn commissions from sharing the company’s products with your audience via your blog and social media.

Finding affiliate programs that fill a need for your audience is one of the best ways to earn income from your blog, so let’s dig into this program to see if it’s a good fit for your affiliate marketing strategy!

The average commission for BannerBuzz affiliates is $23.11. This means that the average affiliate earns over 20 bucks with every sale that comes through their recommended link.


BannerBuzz is a company that sells customized marketing materials like window signs, banners, decals, and other advertisement and branding products. They have magnetic signs and yard signs for the home, office, or special events.

They also have products such as sneeze shields, face masks, and COVID-19 informative signs for business. 

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This affiliate program is perfect for bloggers who are focused on helping businesses large and small share their messaging and branding through visual signage. But it’s also a great fit for mom bloggers, homeschool bloggers, and special event bloggers!


This program features:

– Payout of 6% commission on sales 
– A 30-day cookie
– Average sale amount of $293.61
– 5% affiliate referral commission


Joining the BannerBuzz affiliate program is done through a quick and 100% free application on Share-a-Sale.

You can apply to the BannerBuzz affiliate program here

If you’re new to the Share-a-Sale platform, you’ll scroll to the bottom of the sign-up page and fill out the form that looks like this.

To apply to become an affiliate for BannerBuzz, you have to join the Share-a-Sale affiliate network. (Don’t worry though, it’s also free.)

To join Share-a-Sale, you will first need to make an account. If you already have an account, just click the ‘Sign in Here’ button at the bottom of the affiliate program sign-up page here

Once you go through the sign-up steps and get approved for Share-a-Sale, you can then go to ‘Merchants’ on the top bar. Then, you can search for BannerBuzz and click the blue button on the right that says ‘Join Program’.

It will looks like this:

blue button that says join program on it

After you join the BannerBuzz program, you should add information about how you plan on introducing their products to your audience.

This extra step will show the company that you know what you’re doing, already have a game plan, and will successfully help their business grow.

But, you don’t have to think too much into this. Just give them a few details about who your audience is, what your blog is about, and how you will promote BannerBuzz products.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


If you apply to the BannerBuzz affiliate program, you will soon receive an email letting you know if your application was approved or denied.

When you get your approval email, open up Share-a-Sale and log back in. You can then click the ‘Links’ tab on the top menu to get all of your BannerBuzz affiliate links.

Join the BannerBuzz Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Remember that you will be making 6% commission on your affiliate sales. So, you will want to go ahead and get your links right away to start promoting them across your blog and social accounts, when applicable.

You can share your affiliate links on the appropriate channels that you have added to your Share-a-Sale account.

To ensure higher sales, only promote the products that are solving a problem or helping your audience in some way.

The BannerBuzz average conversion rate is over 10%, which is higher than most affiliate programs. If you can share their products with people that need them, you’ll be able to increase your blogging income each month. 

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