Tailwind for Beginners – How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Tailwind

If you are trying to grow your blog traffic with Tailwind, this article is for you!


Most bloggers are down with the fact that Pinterest is the traffic-generating giant of our modern day. But a lot of people don’t talk about how time-consuming it is to pin fresh content every day!

Thankfully we aren’t left to our own devices (no pun intended). Because let’s face it: most of us have a life and can’t sit on social media twenty-four hours a day.

There are a handful of useful automation tools out there that will make this a million times easier for you, and I’m gonna give you my secret weapon today.


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Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule pins to Pinterest so that your account keeps running on autopilot…while you eat or sleep or lounge on the beach.


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In just a few short minutes, you can schedule pins to be pushed out all day long, so that your content keeps circulating on Pinterest and reaching new people.

It’s like having a clone of yourself, doing the work that you can’t do…because you’re too busy drinking boozy drinks and relaxing on the beach.

Pretty sweet, right?

And Tailwind is Pinterest-approved, so you never have to worry about your account getting shut down for using this tool. It also has a feature for scheduling to Instagram, but today our focus is going to be on using Tailwind and Pinterest together, to grow your blog.

What Features Does Tailwind Have?

You can sign up for your free Tailwind trial here.

Here’s what you get with your trial: You get to schedule and pin 100 pins for free. You get join up to 5 Tailwind Tribes. And you get to submit 30 pieces of content to those tribes each month…more about tribes in just a minute….

After you’ve pinned your first hundred pins, and you’ve gotten completely addicted to Tailwind, you can continue with a monthly membership for a small fee. 

So, let’s jump right in and talk about how to schedule your pins to Tailwind. Once we’ve got that down, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Tailwind Tribes.

Spoiler alert: you NEED to know about Tailwind Tribes.

How to Add Tailwind to your Web Browser

First things first.

Make life easier on yourself and use the Chrome web browser extension for Tailwind. This will allow you to schedule and pin any image that you find online, with just the click of a button.

They also have a web browser extension for Firefox and Safari, but I’m only familiar with setting it up on Chrome. It’s suuuper easy.

Just sign into your Tailwind account, go to your “Drafts” tab on the left side of the screen, and click the button that says “Chrome Extension.” A box will pop up asking you if you want to add the Tailwind extension. Hit the “Add extension” button and you’re all set!

This makes it super fast and easy to schedule pins when you’re browsing through blogs and want to save something for later or share it with your audience on Pinterest. You’ll just hover over the lower left side of the image and click the little pop up button that says “Schedule.”

It looks like this:



When you hit that button, Chrome will open up that pinnable image in Tailwind, and allow you to choose a board that you want to save to. It looks like this:


You can also add this pin to your Tailwind Tribes at the same time, which we’ll talk about in just a sec, so hang in there with me!

How to Schedule Pins Using Tailwind

You have a few options when scheduling pins to Tailwind.


  1. Schedule pins directly from Pinterest.

Having the web browser extension makes this soo much easier, and you can get A LOT done in just a few minutes. So, just open up your Pinterest page and type in a search term (wedding cake, homeschool, online course, etc). This will bring up a bunch of pins that you can schedule on Tailwind.

You’ll just hover over the pin that you want to schedule and click on the little blue Tailwind schedule icon. This will open the scheduler window that allows you to pick a board and add this pin to your queue. Easy peasy!

You should also have a board that is specifically designated for your own blog post pins, and circulate those through your Tailwind scheduler as well.


  1. Schedule pins directly from blog posts.

We just covered this in the web browser section, but let’s reiterate. You can browse through blogs online and schedule them to Pinterest with the click of a button. This applies to your own blog posts and other blog posts that you want to schedule.

Remember that we need to have relevant, helpful content circulating through Pinterest alllll the time. It increases our reach and gets our stuff in front of more people. Sharing your stuff and sharing other people’s stuff is important for growth, so take advantage of this awesome Tailwind tool.

When you publish a new blog post, you can hover over your own pinnable image within the blog post, hit the Tailwind icon, and schedule that pin into your feed.

You can do the same when you come across a great article that you like and want to save or share on Pinterest…thanks to the web browser extension.


  1. Schedule pins from your Tribes.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff. The REAL magic of Tailwind and the source of massive blog traffic for a lot of us: Tailwind Tribes.

What Are Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes are just groups of pinners that get together on the Tailwind platform to share each other’s content, reach a wider audience across Pinterest, and ultimately boost their website traffic. There are tribes for any niche you can possibly think of, and they are free for anyone to join.

The whole purpose of using Tailwind Tribes is to collaborate and curate good content that everyone in the “tribe” can share from. Everyone in the tribe can add their pins to the pot, and then you can all share each other’s content across your own boards.

Each tribe will have its own set of rules, but the 1:1 share ratio is most common. Meaning you add one of your pins to the tribe, and then you take one of someone else’s pins from the tribe and pin it to one of your boards.

I know this is a loooot to take in,
and the best way to learn is to just jump in and start clicking around. Watch the tutorials and just start browsing and getting familiar with the layout and the tabs. It will allll start making sense, I promise.

How to Find and Join Tribes

Now, let’s get you into your first Tailwind Tribe!

Just go into your Tailwind dashboard, click on “Tribes” in the upper left corner of the screen, and then select “Find a Tribe.”

It looks like this:


You’ll be able to browse Tailwind Tribes by keyword or category. So, if you’re a mom blogger, you might search the “Kids and Parenting” tribes for popular mom blog boards you can join. When you click on one of these categories, the page will bring up all of the tribes that you can join.

The stats will show you the total members and activity level before you join. Again, you can join up to 5 tribes and submit 30 pieces of content to those tribes each month.

How to Pin to Tribes

You’re probably picking up on the drill at this point. Pinning and scheduling pins on Tailwind is suuuper duper easy (and kind of addicting) once you get the hang of it. To pin to your tribes, you just go to your Pinterest account and choose the pin that you’d like to add to your tribes. This should be one of your pins that lead back to your website.

Hover over the pin that you want to add to your tribe and click on the Tailwind icon. It will bring up that same scheduler window that you’re used to by now. Instead of adding it to your queue, you’ll hit the button that says “Add to Tribes.”

It looks like this:


Just check the box next to the tribe that you want to use, and click “Add to Tribe.” It looks like this:


That’s it. Seriously, that simple.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic With Tailwind

I know all of that was a lot to take in! And it will all get easier once you start playing around in Tailwind and getting some practice. But none of this matters if you don’t have a goal and a strategy!

If you read my last article on how to use Pinterest for your blog, then you already know that the more you pin and promote your content, the more traffic you’ll get on your blog.

But, most of us kinda have a life.

We can’t afford to sit on Pinterest twenty-four hours a day, pinning and promoting content. I have two small babies, and these little cuties need some attention throughout the day. So, yeah, I need a little help from Tailwind.

No shame in my scheduling game!

Manual pinning is still an important part of your Pinterest strategy, so don’t ignore that. You need to have your pins circulating through Pinterest regularly, on your own boards, group boards, and within Tailwind Tribes. This allows your content to reach a wide audience and it leads to major blog growth.

I personally shoot for pinning at least 50 pins a day and my blog traffic is growing steadily from Pinterest. Must be doing something right!


Putting it all Together

Yes, there is A TON of stuff to learn about Pinterest and Tailwind and how they affect your blogging business.

Don’t be discouraged.

We’re always learning and growing in this business, and finding ways to make our job a little easier. Once you get comfortable with Tailwind, you’ll be spending less time on social media and more time focused on the important things in life.

Yes…the beach, your babies, and that cold boozy drink in your hand!

Do you have questions about Tailwind? Ask them in the comments!

Do you need help setting up your blog? Check out THIS ARTICLE and JOIN MY GROUP for blogging support!

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  1. PinPinterest [com] is till now the best tool I have found for managing my Pinterest and the webpage with respect to the schedule and the content. The amazing thing about it is that it is ever evolving and learning and this is possible due to the sophisticated artificial intelligence that it uses. It analyses the pins, images, the content and the way I set the schedules for the whole week and then it works automatically following the pattern and even saving the account from being banned as it imitates the human-speed…now that is something you don’t see in other tools 😀

  2. Hi Cate!
    I am in your Becoming a Blogger Group, and I just used your affiliate link for the Tailwind. I hope you get your commission!!! xoxoxoxox

  3. Hi Cate,
    Im new to blogging and tailwind. I do have a question though when you pin on tailwind it can’t be the same pin every time you pin right? Meaning I can’t keep scheduling the same pin for my one post? Sorry just trying to figure this out. And you said you pin about 50 pins per day. I’m assuming you have several pins for every post?
    Thank you!

  4. I’m so sorry for the late reply, I’m just seeing this comment! I definitely mix up my pins even in Tailwind, I don’t schedule the same exact pin over and over again in the queue (not right in a row). Tailwind has a shuffle button that allows you to mix them up! I actually need to update this article, because yes I do pin 50+ pins when I’m creating a new board but once that board is established, I cut back to about 20-30 pins a day. Quality over quantity always!

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