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7 Things You Can Do Today to Overcome Blogger Burnout

Have you been feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or uninspired by your blog?

Truth is, blogger burnout is a real thing, and it happens to the best of us. I think it’s because we have super high expectations of ourselves and our work (which is not really a bad thing in itself). We’re usually trying to be all things to all people, and we want results overnight…

Let me spare you the disappointment ahead of time: it’s not going to happen overnight.

None of us find success overnight. Not with education, not with weight loss, and not with our blogging business.

Good things take time, effort, and patience.

I have been in your position girl, and I’m sure I’ll be back there again at some point in my career. Tired, frazzled, and feeling like maybe it’s time to throw in the towel (I’m a Rocky Balboa fan, okay).

But I’ve also pushed through that place and come to see the light at the end of the tunnel….and it is so, so worth it.

How to Overcome Blogger Burnout

Here are 7 super easy things that you can start doing today, to help you overcome blogger burnout and start enjoying blogging again. These things work for me and I’m sure they’ll work for you too!

blogger burnout

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  1. Think about why you started

This is super important for every blogger to think about on the daily, whether you’re dealing with blogger burnout or not.

Why did you start blogging? Why do you want this to be your career? At some point, you thought you were capable of doing this, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, feeling discouraged about your blog and reading this article…

So, what changed? Why did you think you could do it then?

I’m gonna tell you right now why I started. There were three big reasons: I love to write, I love to teach, and I want to be at home raising my own babies. Being a blogger was the perfect fit for all of my life and career goals! It came with a learning curve, and some persistence and dedication…but if I’m ever feeling discouraged, I think about WHY I chose this route and WHY I want to continue on this road.

If you’re feeling discouraged, think back to your WHY. The real reason why you started blogging. Do you remember why you started, and do you still want the things you wanted back then?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading!!

  1. Get back to the writing

You might be discouraged about your small number of blog views, social media algorithms, or lack of sales. You might just be feeling uninspired.

I get it. Like I said, it happens to the best of us.

After a few months of blogging, I seriously stopped altogether. I wasn’t making any money, I was barely getting 50 blog views a day.

I felt like I was just wasting my time and my talent. And to be perfectly honest, I kinda was.

Because my focus was on the WRONG THINGS. I wasn’t focused on being a great teacher, a great writer, a great resource for my readers. I wasn’t focused on improving my own skills and building a solid business strategy.

Nope, I was focused on the numbers.

That’s a baaaaad thing to focus on when you’re already feeling the pain of blogger burnout.

So, put the numbers out of your mind.

Just for today, focus on the people that you want to help. Think about your IDEAL reader, their wants and needs, and how you can help them.

Get back to your blogging roots and just write some great content. If you’re feeling uninspired, read some content from other bloggers that you admire. Let them inspire you to follow in their footsteps and put out your best work.

  1. Envision your success.

I know this sounds totally cliché. I even hesitated to include this one in my list, because I didn’t want to risk sounding like a total cheeseball. But this is a necessary part of your business strategy, and it will help you to combat and overcome blogger burnout.

It’s super duper important to think about where you want to be in five years and how you plan to get there. If that feels too far away, think about where you’ll be next year if you keep pushing forward. Envision your success, your accomplishments.

What does success look like to you??

I’m a simple girl. Success to me, is helping people solve their problems and having the bills covered without worry. It’s sitting on my front porch, soaking up the sunshine and watching my kids play. Not stressing about bills or late payments or angry bosses. Just me and my little family, and the simple life that we built together.

Think about what success means to you. If you want a savings account, a college degree, a tropical vacation, a cushy emergency fund…it’s all possible.

Envision that success and embrace the efforts you must make the get there. It will help you find joy in the process.

  1. Work on consistency

I know this kind of sucks to hear, but consistency is key to your success. You have to show up and deliver, even when you don’t feel like it.

So, set your goals and commit to them. If you plan to publish new content once each week, then you need to do that no matter what. It might seem like a small feat, but at the end of the year, you’ll have at least 52 quality blog posts to share with your readers. If you plan to publish a new YouTube video every week, then do that.

Your consistency WILL pay off. People will start to notice you. You’re showing up in Facebook groups, on Pinterest, on Instagram, in Google searches, on Facebook lives, on YouTube playlists…It all adds up! Especially if you have a niche market and you’re creating specialized content just for them.

So, focus on consistency. It’s an important part of your recipe for success!

  1. Tackle the little tasks

You might be frustrated and feeling like giving up. Or, you might be uninspired and lacking blog post ideas. Whatever the case may be, you’re a business owner, and you need to act like it.

If you can’t handle the idea of writing a 1,500-word blog post today, then don’t.

Give some time and attention to those tedious tasks that don’t require so much heart and inspiration. Respond to some emails, update some plugins, edit some old content, create some blog graphics.

Every blogger has a lot of small admin tasks that require attention every day. If you’re feeling uninspired by your blog, just tackle a few of those small tasks that don’t require a lot of heart.

  1. Get outside and clear your mind

This is my favorite way to deal with blogger burnout. It’s my favorite way to deal with anything, really.

Sometimes, you don’t want to focus on why you got started. Sometimes, you don’t want to work on writing great content or being more consistent. I get it. I’ve been there too!!

If nothing else is working, then it’s time to UNPLUG AND GO OUTSIDE.

Get some perspective. Hike up a mountain, go to the beach, drive through the desert, stare at the stars.

Get away from your computer, from your to-do list. And just BE.

When I’m super frustrated with work, I turn off my computer and take my kids to the beach. Sooooo thankful we live in San Diego!!

  1. Change your strategy.

Here’s another thing you might not want to hear, but you need to hear it: if something isn’t working, then it’s time for a change.

Even minor adjustments can bring positive change!

So, start making little tweaks to your business plan and your blogging strategy. This will take some soul searching, some market research, and some investment….but, if you really want this to be your career, you will make the sacrifices and you won’t be sorry.

As an example: I really wanted to grow my blog traffic using Pinterest, so I invested in a Pinterest course and a scheduling tool called Tailwind. These strategy adjustments have made a huge difference in my blog traffic and my income. So, it was worth it to me.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the money to invest or the time to put in the work, and that’s understandable! We’re all in different phases of our life and business, and we have to be realistic.

If this is the case for you, then do a little research and figure out a focus for your blog and the primary way that you want to make money from your blog…if you want to learn more about the main ways that bloggers make money, check out this article.

Fact is: if something isn’t working, you NEED TO CHANGE IT. So, if you aren’t making money from your blog, start adjusting your strategy.

Final Thoughts

We started this article with an honest look at why some bloggers deal with blogger burnout. If your expectations are too high and your plans are unrealistic, you’re going to be discouraged and disappointed by the reality check that follows.

I don’t want that to happen to you! This business is challenging, and it requires a lot of dedication. That’s the reality check.

Take advantage of these tips to overcome blogger burnout, and make sure you’re always growing, adapting, and moving forward. If your blog has a specific direction, a solid strategy, and a target market that needs what you’re offering, the whole process will be sooooo much easier.

We all have down days, even if we love our job as bloggers. Please take a quick minute to share this article with your fellow bloggers on social media or on your own site. You never know who needs the help!

17 thoughts on “7 Things You Can Do Today to Overcome Blogger Burnout”

  1. These are great tips! I am working 40 hours a week at blogging, and sometimes get a little frustrated when people ask me if I have found a job yet. Thanks for these tips to avoid burnout and get refreshed. I am focusing on finessing my process and strategy this week, so these were a great help!

  2. It’s definitely a full-time job on it’s own, a lot of people just haven’t gotten with the program yet haha!

  3. Awesome tips! I can tell you I’m feeling that way now. I homeschool my son and I’m a blogger. It’s the dead of winter right now where we’re just itching to get out in some warm weather. Needless to say I’m literally working 95% of the time that I’m awake whether I’m watching tv, I’m on my phone marketing, on the computer writing courses, posts, you name it…I’m constantly working. On one token I need a break and on the other side it’s all I can think about. I’m so motivated & inspired, yet overwhelmed with ideas & overworked. I’ll definitely be saving this post so Thank You!!

  4. These are some great tips. I’m just starting out blogging and I’m not doing it for the money but to just help myself and others. I can already see how easy it is to get burnt out especially if you are doing it full time and as a career.

  5. That’s wonderful that you’re blogging just for the sake of helping others! And yes, taking care of ourselves in the process is super important. Thank you so much for reading!

  6. Oh yes, when you’re feeling motivated and inspired, stay allll over that haha! Good for you, getting so much done. I hope the weather warms up soon for you guys!

  7. These are great ideas. I’ve owned this blog since July of last year but haven’t really had the chance to pamper it like I wanted until January of this year. I have days that I just can’t look at a computer screen or any screen for another minute. I’m clearing my mind so hopefully ideas start free flowing again.

  8. Consistency is key! But also realizing your limitations and what you have to do to set yourself up for long-term success is key!

  9. Blogging ain’t easy! For me, it’s the simple or smaller tasks that bog me down in my blog (lol) and make me feel like I’m not doing anything. I think going outside is a great tip- the computer can be a huge trap!

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