The Best Personalized Gifts for Bloggers

If you’re on the hunt for a fun and creative gift for that awesome blogger in your life, you landed in the right place! In this article, we’re unwrapping the best personalized gifts for bloggers and small business owners, so that you can show your favorite people how much they mean to you… with that perfect present.

Let’s go shopping!


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Most of us bloggers and online business owners are just a little non-traditional when it comes to our personal wants and needs. After all, we spend a lot of time in front of our computers (wherever there is wifi), building our business and working with clients. And there is one thing that us bloggers ALL have in common – we love personalized stuff!

So, from one blogger to … you, the person shopping for another blogger … here are my top gift picks. The best of the best personalized gifts for bloggers!



I’ve never met a blogger that didn’t drink coffee or tea, so you can’t go wrong with a cute blogging mug. Here are a few I found on ETSY that would make a great gift.


It’s Blogging Day – white flowered coffee mug

I Have a Slight Blogging Obsession – white coffee mug with black text

Other Bloggers vs. You – funny unicorn mug

More than Just a Pretty Feed – white coffee mug with black text

Blogging Mama – black coffee mug with white text

In case you didn’t know, I’m a blogger, a coffee lover, and I love buying coffee mugs when I travel! Take it from me, you can’t go wrong with a fun coffee mug that has that personal blogger touch.



We all need a comfy, slightly cliché, blogging t-shirt to slouch around in while we’re blogging our hearts out, and these ones are probably at the top of the list of blogger favs!


I’m Totally Blogging About This – comes in a variety of color + size options

Eat. Sleep. Blog. – Comes in a variety of color + size options

Like. Comment. Subscribe. Share. – Comes in a variety of color + size options

Blogging Mama – perfect for the mama blogger in your life!

Writing is my Therapy – personalization available




If you don’t love organizing your thoughts, plans, and goals with pencil and paper … you’re probably not a blogger. But as your friendly (somewhat knowledgeable) blogging neighbor, I’m here to tell ya: most bloggers love stationery! So, here are some great, personalized things you can get for them.


The Ultimate Blog Planner – a 47 page printable blog planner

Personalized Leather Journal – several styles available

Custom, Personalized Daily Planner – best-seller, soft cover, and customizable

Hustle Notebook – black, spiral bound, multi-option notebook

Personalized Blogger Notebook – grey, spiral bound, and customizable



And for good measure, here are some fun extras that will make every blogger’s day a little brighter.


Blogger Babe Pencils – colorful pencil set inscribed with inspirational text

I’d Rather be Writing – metal blogging bracelet

Personalized Writer’s Pillow – customizable pillow

Rustic Farmhouse Letterboard – a blogger/influencer must-have

Blue light blocking glasses – best-selling glasses by Blogger Babe Branding


You probably noticed that all of these personalized gifts for bloggers are products found on ETSY, right? And the beauty of this is: you’re buying a gift for a small business owner (your blogger friend or relative) and you’re also supporting another small business owner in the process.

Win, win!

I hope you find something good on this list! If you’re interested in finding some green gifts for your eco-conscious loved ones, here is another gift guide to check outhere is another gift guide to check out! And if you found something that your blogger friends loved that wasn’t on this list, please leave a link in the comments so we can all shop and share!

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  1. I’m a blogger, and I never knew about these cool “gifts”. I’m thinking about buying a blogging gift for….me! Thanks! Lori, HeyGetARoom. Net.

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