How to Easily Schedule Social Media Posts for the Whole Year with Publer

If you’re trying to figure out how to schedule social media posts across multiple platforms without ripping your hair out, this article is for Y-O-U.

We are going to dig into social media scheduling and the most efficient strategy for planning out and publishing fresh content on all major social media platforms.

But first things first…


This is a question I hear often.

Some content creators feel like they have to post in real time or show up on all platforms every day in order to stay relevant or get seen.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although showing up in real time is important at times, it is NOT important for every single piece of content you publish. And there is absolutely no way that a creator could post content across all platforms in real time every single day.

In other words: it is 100% OKAY to schedule your social media content to multiple platforms.


The social media platforms that you use most should be the platforms where your target audience is spending the most time.

Example: crafters, homeschoolers, and moms with small kids spend a lot of time on Pinterest, while business professionals spend more time on LinkedIn.

Give the majority of your social media attention to the platform where your audience is already ‘hanging out’.

What about the other platforms?

This is where your social media scheduling comes into play! 


It’s important to spread your content out as far and wide as possible, meaning publishing it on a variety of platforms to see who it might attract.

Think of the internet like an ocean of information… a BIG ocean. 

Your potential readers, followers and customers are like fish swimming around in that big ol’ ocean. They’re looking for somewhere to go, something to do, something to eat, etc…

Every piece of content you create is like a hook that can potentially pull them back to your website. If you don’t get that hook in front of that potential reader, they’ll never know you exist.

The more hooks you drop into the ocean, the more chances you’ll have to pull people back to your site.

This is why you should have plenty of content published and scheduled out across as many social media platforms as possible each week.

Focus on 1-2 main platforms where your audience spends time, and schedule content to be published across all other major platforms on a regular basis.

If that seems overwhelming, this next tutorial is going to rock your socks off!


First, you’ll need to create the content. The content you create might be:

  • Blog posts
  • Graphic images
  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Printables

Or something else entirely. The goal is simply to create a variety of helpful content that is relevant to YOUR target audience.

Something they’ll want to engage with.

For tips on creating a year’s worth of great content, check out this training!

After the content is created, you’ll need to sign up for a scheduling app like Publer.

I use Publer to schedule content to all my social channels all year long. It’s an incredible tool and the free version can take you a long way!

Sign up for Publer for FREE right here >>>

Sign up page looks like this. You can also browse their pricing plans, their help center, and their roadmap for future plans and improvements.


You can use Publer to schedule content to several social media platforms, and they’re adding more all the time.

You can currently publish to:

  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube

Note: The platforms you can schedule to depend on which plan you choose (you have to be on the Gold plan to schedule videos to Youtube).

When you sign up and login to Publer, you’ll see a dashboard and an Accounts tab at the top. This is where you can add the social platforms where you’ll be scheduling content.

When you’re ready to start scheduling content to publish, just hit the ‘Create’ button at the top of your Home dashboard, select what platforms you want to publish to, add the content, and schedule it.

It’s that simple.

You can schedule to multiple platforms at the same time, and you can set up your post to recur on a regular basis. Keep that content circulating!

Below is a video tutorial that will walk you through exactly how to set up recurring posts all year long!

Being able to post to all social media at once, and repeatedly publish content at regular intervals, makes our job incredibly easy. There’s no reason to pass on scheduling social posts out for months in advance when it can be done in less than an hour a month.

To review your schedule and make sure you have fresh content being pushed out each week, just click the Calendar button within you dashboard to see all upcoming scheduled posts.


On the free plan, you can schedule up to 10 posts per platform each month, and you can connect up to 5 social media platforms.

This means you can schedule at least 50 total posts per month, which is more than enough for some content creators!

The Silver plan is just $10 a month and you get unlimited scheduled posts to all of your connected accounts.

It also comes with a long list of extras, including:

  • Unlimited scheduling & drafts
  • Bulk scheduling (500 posts at once)
  • Media library (unlimited storage)
  • Canva integration
  • Link in Bio (premium)
  • Automatic RSS posting
  • Analytics
  • Watermark photos
  • Signatures
  • Ability to schedule follow-up comments
  • Autoshare & autodelete
  • Ability to create additional teams
  • Eternal posts history

One of my favorite features on this plan is the ‘follow up comment’ feature. You can actually schedule comments to be posted immediately after or a short time after you publish content.

Simply hit the ‘follow up comment’ icon, insert the comment you want to leave and when you want it to be published, and that comment will auto publish under your post at the scheduled time.

This is useful for adding calls to action, links, or requests for people to answer questions or engage with the post after it’s been published. Get people engaged in the comment section!

The Gold plan is ideal if you need to schedule your videos to Youtube and if you want any of these added features beyond the Silver plan:

  • Multi-photo posts, videos, GIFs
  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Scheduling Facebook Group albums
  • Uploading videos from URL
  • Watermarking videos
  • Automatically recycling posts
  • Schedule recurring posts
  • Content recommendation

And of course, you can save up to 20% by purchasing an annual plan instead of a monthly plan.


Publer quickly became the favorite among Instagram schedulers when they created the opportunity to push posts directly to Instagram (no need to login to Instagram to publish them).

You can schedule posts and captions months in advance, and you can even edit the text, add emojis, and schedule follow-up comments after your post has been published.

Imagine scheduling out a whole month of Instagram posts (or Facebook posts or Youtube videos) in less than an hour.

No more sitting in front of our phone or computer trying to publish content to all platforms every day.


Scheduling your social media content isn’t just about saving time. It’s also about being INTENTIONAL with the time that we do spend online.

There will still be work to do, of course. 

We still need to create content, learn new things, network with others, and engage with our audience. 

But scheduling content allows us to batch our work, keep a consistent flow of content being published, and avoid the mindless scrolling that comes with being on social media all day.

No more busy work, my friend. 

I’m giving you permission to skip the frustrated scrolling and focus on intentionality. This was a game changer for my social media marketing and I know it will be the same for you!

Get free access to Publer right here!


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