How to Sell Products Online with Spocket Dropshipping

So, you’re ready to start your dropshipping business but not quite sure where to start or how to make money… Well worry not, my friend! In this article, we’re going to dig into the dropshipping process and show you how to maximize the success of your online store with Spocket dropshipping.


Dropshipping is a kind of e-commerce business where the retailer (you) sells products through their online store and has them shipped to the customer from a third-party supplier.

The retailer starts the process by selling a product to a customer from their online shop. The order is then sent to a fulfillment center (also known as a dropshipping supplier) who completes the process by shipping the product to the consumer.

The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about holding inventory or shipping products, because your dropshipping supplier handles that part for you. 

We’ll dig into this a bit more in this article, so don’t let these terms overwhelm you. It’ll all make sense shortly.

You can quite literally start an online shop and have products listed and ready to sell in just an hour or two…and this article will show you exactly how to do it.

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How do you earn money from drop-shipping?

Most of the time, you’ll pay the dropshipping supplier a heavily discounted price for the products you sell plus any shipping costs.

Since you got a big discount on the product from the supplier, you get to keep the difference of the retail price your customer pays for the product. We’ll go into more detail in this article, but the image below gives a general idea of how this works!


To get started with dropshipping, you need:

  1. An online storefront/shop that you can fill with product listings.
  2. Dropshipping suppliers to fulfill shipment of your orders.

Shopify is one of the most common places to build your own online shop. You can get started on Shopify for free right here.

As soon as you start your free trial, you’ll be taken to the main dashboard with tutorials to walk you through everything you need to know about setting up your shop.

Watch the start-up tutorials and get the basics of your site done first.

Then, you need to find a marketplace of dropshipping suppliers that can deliver quality products to your customers. This is where Spocket comes in.


Spocket is the leading dropshipping marketplace for suppliers in the US and the EU. 

It’s an app that integrates with most major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and several others. 

E-commerce merchants (that’s YOU) can connect the Spocket app to your online store with the click of a button. 

This allows you to connect with thousands of dropshipping suppliers that you can use to fulfill the shipments of quality products from your online shop.

And over 90 percent of their suppliers are based in the US and EU, cutting a considerable amount of time off their deliveries (the average delivery time is 2-7 days).

You can start your free 14-day Spocket trial right here.


Here’s a simple walkthrough of how Spocket dropshipping works.

First, you’ll set up your online store using an e-commerce platform like Spotify or Woocommerce. You can start your free Shopify trial right here.

Then you sign up for the Spocket marketplace and attach the Spocket app to your Shopify store. Start with the FREE 14-day trial to get your feet wet.

After signing up for your free trial, you’ll see a list of four simple things you need to do in your dashboard. They are:

  1. Connect your store.
  2. Search for products and import your list.
  3. Push products to your store.
  4. Leave Spocket a review.

Each of these steps are quick and easy, and the clickable links take you exactly where you need to go to get set up.

Using the product search function in Spocket, you can import products from their carefully vetted dropshipping suppliers into your Shopify store.

Let’s say you want to sell phone cases in your online store. You search for products in the product search list and then hit the green button to ‘Add to Import List’. 

After you add the products you want to have in your store, you’ll need to push the products over to your store so that they’ll appear there when you’re ready to start selling.

Important note: there are some premium products that require you to upgrade if you want to sell those in your shop. You’ll see a little gold crown on the Premium products in the marketplace.

After you push your products of choice to your store, you can start promoting them by driving people to your online store.

Anytime someone clicks on one of the products and purchases it, the order is sent to Spocket and they fulfill the shipment of the product to your customer.

You get to keep the profits from the retail price of the product.


There are several marketplaces to choose from, but Spocket is the leader in its industry for a few reasons.

  • Fast-Shipping (since 90% of the suppliers are located in the US/EU.
  • Spocket offers you 30% – 60% discount off of regular retail prices (giving you more profit with each sale).
  • Order Processing is 100% automated
  • Support is available 24/7
  • Sample products are available so you can test anything you plan to promote


On the free trial plan, you can browse the marketplace and get familiar with products, pricing, and features. But you won’t be able to push products to your store until you upgrade to a paid plan.


With the starter plan, you still get your 14-day free trial. When your trial is over, you can pay $24 a month for 25 unique products and email support from Spocket.


The Pro plan takes it up a notch by including:

  • Up to 250 unique products
  • 25 premium products
  • Branded invoicing
  • Chat support

Pro plan is $49/mo. 

Most dropshippers want to promote some premium products and have their own logo and branding on the invoice, so this is one of the most popular options, even for beginners.


If you’re focused on selling premium products, you’ll want to take advantage of this plan. It includes:

  • 10,000 unique products
  • 10,000 premium products
  • Branded invoicing
  • Chat support

If you’re in it for the long haul, you can pay annually and get 5-7 months FREE.


Dropshipping is a great option for new entrepreneurs that want to sell products through an online shop with minimal upfront costs.

It’s easy to get started, you don’t have to store/ship inventory, and the delivery process is easy and seamless through your dropshipping supplier.

However, there are some potential downsides to consider.


Firstly, you are responsible for all of your marketing and promotional efforts (and that takes time and work). This is not a bad thing, it’s just important to be aware and prepared.


Secondly, because dropshipping is relatively easy and inexpensive to get started, it can be a very competitive space. You need a focused niche and a competitive edge in order to make this work.


And thirdly, you are relying on someone else – your dropshipping supplier – to follow through with shipping a quality product. 

This is why it’s best to use a marketplace like Spocket, with carefully vetted products and suppliers, to ensure that your customers have a great experience.

And thankfully, Spocket provides the option to order samples yourself so that you can screen products yourself before promoting them. Just click on the product you want to add to your shop and hit the green ‘Order Samples’ button.


Dropshipping does provide an incredible opportunity to earn money from your own online shop. With services like Shopify and Spocket, selling quality products online has become so easy that virtually anyone can do it.

The success doesn’t come overnight. It’s important to choose a niche, choose quality products, promote your shop regularly, and choose a marketplace with quality suppliers.

Ultimately, a marketplace like Spocket is a great place to get started on the dropshipping path, and their starter plan is affordable for almost any budget. 

Don’t forget to grab you free 14-day Spocket trial right here!

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