How to Make Money with the SEMRUSH Affiliate Program

In this article, we’re showing you how the SEMRUSH affiliate program can help you earn extra income by promoting their SEO subscription plans and tools.

If you’re a content creator, content marketer, or a blogger that focuses on website traffic and optimization, you need to know about the SEMRUSH affiliate program and how to join today! 

SEMRUSH affiliates can earn up to $200 for every subscription sale and up to $10 for every new trial activation, so they’re one of the most promising programs in this space.

What are you waiting for? You can join the SEMRUSH affiliate program right here or keep scrolling for more details on how to maximize this program.


SEMRUSH is an online marketing platform that helps marketers optimize their content and increase their visibility across the web.

Struggling with keyword research? SEMRUSH can help. Looking to see how your site stacks up against its competitors? SEMRUSH can help with that too!

SEMRUSH has over 40 award-winning tools and reports for content marketers. A few of them include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Link building
  • Market analysis,
  • SEO courses and much more.

With the ability to analyze and optimize your site from the inside out — SEMRUSH is a highly rated tool that ALL content marketers can benefit from.

Plus, if someone in your audience can’t afford the paid subscription, they offer a search-capped free version and plenty of free educational tools as well.


The SEMRUSH affiliate program offers $200 commission for each subscription sale.

Whether you’re an SEO expert, entrepreneur, blogger, or content marketer, SEMRUSH will benefit you and your audience.

The SEMRUSH program provides you with exclusive promotional banners and landing pages to help you optimize and convert those readers of yours into paid sign-ups.

Other awesome benefits of the SEMRUSH Affiliate Program can be found below.

SEMRUSH Affiliate Program features:

– Payout of $200 per subscription or up to $10 per new trial activation
– Last click attribution & 120-day cookie duration
– Dedicated account managers and affiliate managers to support you along the way
– They hold a 10.82% conversion rate


Joining the SEMRUSH affiliate program is easy, free, and 100% worth it if any of their SEO tools might benefit your audience!

You can find them on the Share-a-Sale network and apply to the SEMRUSH affiliate program right here

The sign-up page will look like this (see image below). 

The SEMRUSH affiliate program is hosted on the Share-a-Sale network (which is an incredible affiliate network by the way).

This means you’ll need a Share-a-Sale account to join (it’s free and every blogger should sign up for it anyway).

If you already have a Share-a-Sale account, you can just hit the ‘Sign in Here’ button at the bottom of the affiliate program sign-up page above. 

After going through the sign-up steps and getting approved for Share-a-Sale, you’ll search for SEMRUSH under the Merchants tab.

Use the search bar to find Semrush and then hit the blue button next to the program name.

Looks like this:

blue button that says join program on it

Once you apply to join the SEMRUSH program, make sure you fill out the information box asking for details on how you plan to promote their subscription plans.

Though entering how you plan to promote their subscription plans is optional, you’re more likely to get approved by sharing why your site and your audience is the perfect fit for their program.

It’s okay to keep your description simple. 

Explain who your audience is and how you plan to share SEMRUSH’s subscription plans on your blog, social media, and with your audience.

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


After you apply to the SEMRUSH affiliate program, you’ll receive an email letting you know whether you’ve been approved or denied.

Once approved, you can log in to your Share-a-Sale account, grab your affiliate links, and begin to share with your audience.

Join the SEMRUSH Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Affiliate Marketing Tip: take the time to specify which promotional channels you plan to use in your Share-a-Sale account if you haven’t already (you can update this info under your account settings at any time).

Since SEMRUSH has different subscription plans available, be sure to share the key differences between them with your readers. 

If you’re looking for a high commission affiliate program to help your audience better optimize their site’s SEO, the SEMRUSH affiliate program is an excellent choice.

High pay outs, high conversions, and helpful tools for bloggers and content creators.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sign-up for the SEMRUSH affiliate program and start earning from it today.

For more tips to make even more affiliate income, check out this affiliate marketing course, Affiliate Marketing Simplified!

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