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How to Earn Extra Income from the Asos Affiliate Program

If you’re a fashion blogger, mom blogger, or social media influencer, you definitely need to know about the Asos Affiliate Program.

Other creators can benefit from the program too, but if you blog about fashion/style, you need to join the Asos affiliate program, like yesterday.

In this article, we are going to show you how to earn extra income from this program. But first, let’s dig into what the company provides and who their ideal customers are, so we can confirm that your blog readers will want to click/buy from your ASOS affiliate links.

Side note: be sure to skim through this Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing. 


Asos is a UK-based online shopping platform with fashion and beauty products for men and women. Although they are UK-based, they offer free shipping worldwide, which adds to their appeal for consumers.

They carry over 19,400 labels of designer brands and affordable brands. They also have their own in-house label and a unique marketplace for independent up-and-coming boutiques.

ASOS offers their ASOS brand in over 30 sizes, and they charge the same price for all sizes, to ensure that all consumers ‘get the perfect fit’.

They partner with organizations like GLAAD, the British Paralympic Association, and they focus on a healthy body image in their business and branding. 

They have become one of the most popular fashion platforms for online shopping, which makes their affiliate program more appealing than ever!


The ASOS affiliate program has created an opportunity for bloggers and influencers to promote ASOS products in exchange for a commission on sales. 

Since their product lineup is made of fashion, shoes, accessories, gifts, and skin care, the ASOS affiliate program is best for fashion, fitness, mom, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers!

And it’s not just for the ‘mainstream’ fashion blogger either.

The ASOS marketplace includes over 1000+ small, independent boutiques with unique buys. Vintage buys, 90’s grunge products, and charity-focused boutiques, to name a few.


This program features:

  • A commission of 4.8% of sales for new customers
  • A commission of 2.4% of sales for existing customers
  • 4-star ranking in Flexoffers
  • A 45-day cookie duration 


It’s free to join the ASOS affiliate program through Flexoffers.

You’ll join Flexoffers first. And after getting approval into the network, you’ll go to the Search Advertisers tab to search for ASOS.

Looks like this:

Then click the button to ‘Join program’. Agree to the terms and then click the big green ‘Apply to Program’ button. 

You’ll usually receive an email or approval or denial within a few days. 


After you get approved for the ASOS affiliate program you’ll need to login to Flexoffers and find your ASOS links so you can start promoting them.

Here’s how to find your links in Flexoffers:

Login and click on the ‘Links’ tab at the top of your homepage.

Then scroll down and type the program you want to promote into the search bar on the left side of your screen. You can use Advertiser Search or Name Search.

Pro tip: if you start typing into the ‘Advertiser Search’ bar, it’ll auto populate with all the programs you are already approved for, making your job EASIER!

Search for ASOS, hit the bit blue search bar at the bottom of your screen, and boom!

All available affiliate links for this program will auto fill on your screen. Just click the blue ‘View Link’ button to access the link you want to share with your audience.

Looks like this:

Then hit the ‘Link’ tab and select the URL.

And YOUR AFFILIATE LINK is ready to copy and paste wherever you want to promote it!

Tip: always make sure your promotional places are listed under ‘Traffic Sources’ within your Flexoffers account (we are only allowed to promote our affiliate links in these places). 


Alright now!

You’ve joined the affiliate program. You have your affiliate links in hand, ready to share them.

How the heck can we promote these products without being spammy and salesy?

The goal is to SHARE, not sell.

Share affiliate products that are:

  • On sale
  • In style
  • Useful
  • Interesting

We don’t need to push products on anybody. We can share our recommendations, our experiences, our outfits, our favorite deals, etc. People that are interested in them, will buy them, if we present that opportunity.


The best affiliate conversions usually come from blog posts or videos, because these two mediums offer the most detailed presentation of the item of interest. 

So, start with writing an article. An article about your favorite products, great deals, trendy styles, etc…

Then you can share that article or video wherever your audience is spending time.

Share your affiliate blog posts on:

  • Pinterest
  • Your Instagram videos/bio link
  • Twitter
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook profile
  • Your favorite daily promo threads
  • Reddit
  • Medium
  • LinkedIn 
  • Quora
  • Flipboard


It’s great that you can share your blog posts all over the internet, BUT, it’s sooooo much better if people can come to YOU right when they need the products/services you’re recommending.

This is where your search engine optimization comes into play!

Learn how to optimize your posts for search engines, so that Google puts your posts on page ONE right when people are searching for the affiliate things you are linking to.

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to increase affiliate conversions.

This free SEO masterclass teaches bloggers how to master search engine optimization and get your blog posts on page one, spot one, of search engines.

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