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I love to partner with other brands and businesses to create exceptional content and inspiration for our readers!  My content is always geared toward simplifying motherhood and enjoying the sweet side of life. Here are just a few areas of my expertise in writing and partnership with brands:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Guest post writing
  • Product reviews
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Content creation

I have been creating specially-tailored content and collaborating with brands and online businesses for 2.5 years. I have partnered with many popular brands, such as DIFF eye wear, JORD Wood Watches, The Vintage Honey Shop teething jewelry, and Buttons Cloth Diapers, to name a few. I have done guest posting, sponsorships, product reviews, and created content for over 100 like-minded businesses.

I love collaborating with brands that share my vision of simple and intentional living and parenthood. My passion is for helping people to simplify the daily grind so that they can enjoy the sweet side of life. If you’d like to chat about partnership opportunities, send me an email to cate {at} sweet and simple life {dot} com


My online training course is designed specifically to help mothers build their own blog and business, so they can raise their own babies, and make money while doing it. The program includes 21 days of coursework, and my exact system that I followed for creating and building my blog into the business it is today.

Along with the online coursework, I provide individual teaching sessions for each of my students, to help them find their focus, work on their strategy and business goals, and land their first paying gig. I worked as an online business manager for 7 years before starting my business, so I incorporate all of my business management training into this program. The course is open for enrollment now, and you can sign up here.

Sign up for the course Becoming a Blogger.


As a mother that has experienced both sides of this coin, I highly encourage any woman or mother that wants to start her own real business, to get started today. I’m passionate about helping mothers to step outside of their comfort zone, and build a blogging/writing business that actually makes money. Here are just a few things that I love to talk about and teach to my clients:

  • How to get started blogging, even if you have a day job
  • How to find your focus and a business strategy that works
  • Time management and organization
  • Simplifying systems and processes to maximize efficiency
  • Time-blocking and living with intention
  • How to unplug and enjoy your family life
  • Why every woman should have a side hustle

I love to use my personal life experience, trials, and triumphs to educate and inspire women to work hard and build the life they love.

If you would like me to speak at one of your upcoming events, please send me an email to cate @ sweet and simple life {dot} com

I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Kinnidi

    April 4, 2018 at 5:30 am

    Hi! I’m in a Facebook group with you & I was hoping to get more info on finding sponsored work. I don’t have fb messenger or i would’ve used that lol Sorry

    1. Cate

      April 9, 2018 at 3:07 am

      Of course! Here is an article about working with brands, and my free pitching guide is linked in the article:

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