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What is an Instagram Husband and Why Does Every Blogger Need One?

Have you ever heard the term Instagram husband?

If you’re wondering what an Instagram husband does and why every blogger needs to find one, you’re in the right place!

Today, I’m letting you in on all the dirty little Instagram husband secrets … via my very own (real-life) husband.

Let’s get down!


Here’s my simple definition:

An Instagram husband is the person behind the camera that helps you get that perfect photo for your next Instagram post.

If you see a girl posing in front of a huge wall mural later today, she probably has an Instagram husband just a few feet away, getting ready to snap that picture.

And it doesn’t have to be your actual husband either – it can be your boyfriend, sister, roommate, business partner, friend, etc …

Anyone who knows to grab their camera and snap that photo when you need them to – that is your Instagram husband!

The phrase Instagram husband became popular a few years ago, when this YouTube video went viral. Not gonna lie, the video had me and my (real-life husband) cracking up.

Back then, the joke was that husbands were being dragged around and begrudgingly snapping pics of their ladies for Instagram … but the scene has changed quite a bit since then.



The Instagram platform has essentially changed the game of online marketing and social influence.

Now, anyone with a phone and internet access can make money from Instagram if they know what they’re doing!

And many of those real-life husbands that used to get dragged around taking pictures for the ‘gram are now actively participating in their partner’s (very successful) online businesses.



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Most bloggers are down with the fact that the online world is extremely visual. And, as visual creatures, we like pictures that tell us a story.

Most of us also like to follow our favorite storytellers (or bloggers) on Instagram.

It gives us a glimpse into their life. And it often motivates us or inspires us to act on something, try something, or buy something…

I can’t even tell you how many great purchases I have made because an Instagram friend recommended it!

Fun fact: there are over a billion active Instagram users every month… so yeah, it’s pretty clear that people like scrolling through beautiful pictures.

So, why do YOU need an Instagram husband?

Because you need MORE pictures of you + your life on your blog and social media channels. You might think you have enough, but I can almost guarantee that you don’t.

Get your face and your story in front of your people! They want to see you. They want to hear from you.

Another fun fact: faces get A LOT more engagement from users on Instagram than pictures without faces!

This doesn’t mean that you need to post several selfies a day (actually, that’s kind of annoying and you probably shouldn’t do that).

But posting a picture of yourself and a fun fact about you on Instagram once or twice a week is a great idea. Sharing some behind-the-scenes stuff in your Instagram stories is a great idea too!

Let your audience into your world. Tell them about what you do, what you love, what you sell. Let your genuine self shine through your posts, and use that Instagram husband to snap more pictures of you when you’re in your element!

I asked my own Instagram husband (who is also my real-life husband) how he feels about working with me…and here’s what he had to say:

“It’s like a different world. I still can’t even believe people can build a business and make money posting pictures on Instagram, but here you are killin’ it. And following your hot wife around, taking pictures of her, and earning some extra brownie points? It’s a pretty sweet side gig. I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon, but I’m proud to say that a lot of those pictures on my wife’s blog + Instagram were taken by me.”


And he’s right! If there is a good picture on my page, my Instagram husband probably snapped it haha. He’s a much better photographer than I am (although I’m getting better).


If your partner sucks at taking pictures, find someone that doesn’t. You have options, babe!

I highly recommend finding a blogging buddy or an Instagram husband to work with! There are plenty of tools you can use to take your own pictures as well, but nothing beats a supportive second set of eyes to make sure your pictures are on point.

For blogging support and local meetups, you can join my blogging community here!

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