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Should You Spend Your Money on the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

If you’ve been wondering what the heck the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is (and what all the hype is about), look no further, my friend.

This article is going to give you a quick and dirty glimpse into that trendy little tool known as The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit (GBTK for short). We’ll cover what it costs, what’s included, and the pros andcons of investing in this popular tool brought to you each year by Ultimate Bundles.

Because YES, there is a downside to purchasing this product, even if people don’t share it very often!

But, first things first…


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Also known as the GBTK, this is a product bundle that Ultimate Bundles puts together and sells one time each year (sometimes twice). It’s on sale for just a few days, and for a crazy low price – think FLASH SALE. It’s one of the many curated product bundles they sell each year.


The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a bundle of digital products and tools that are designed to help bloggers start, grow, and monetize their blogs.


Simply put, the huge bundle of products rolled into the toolkit are meant to provide everything you need to take your blog to that next level.

There are over $7,000 worth of tools and resources in the toolkit this year, created and published by a handful of veteran bloggers. The toolkit includes:

– 26 eBooks

– 55 eCourses

-7 workbooks & printables

– 5 templates & stock photo collections

– 1 membership site



With a value over $7,000, most people expect to see some outrageous price for the GBTK. But the beauty of Ultimate Bundles is their crazy DISCOUNTED PRICES.

There are two pricing options for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit:

1. You can buy the toolkit as a standalone bundle for $97 – you gain instant access to ALL of the courses, memberships, and tools immediately, so this is a great option if your budget is less than a hundred bucks.


2. You can buy the toolkit + cheat sheets for $147 – you also gain instant access to all of the same contents in the bundle, but you get the convenience of easy-read cheat sheets. These make your life SO. MUCH. EASIER. They are just brief snapshots that provide a summary of every tool in the kit, to save you the time of sifting through all of that content yourself.

Either option is perfectly fine, because you will never find a deal greater than this either way. The cheat sheets are just an extra resource to make it quicker and easier to utilize the tools in the toolkit.




I’m super proud to share that my latest and greatest course, Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! is first in the course lineup of GBTK. And it’s one of the many important blogging topics covered in the bundle contents.

Although we can’t disclose the full contents/creators in the toolkit until launch day on October 2nd, I can tell you that you’ll find tools for ALL areas of starting, growing, and monetizing your blog, social media channels, and online business.

Categories include:

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing
Facebook and Twitter marketing
Finance and legalese
Getting Your Blog Started
Tech + Support
…and a few bonuses too



During the days before the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit launches, Ultimate Bundles always puts together a series of kick-booty training webinars to help you get your blog moving forward.

These webinars are 100% FREE with no obligations, and they are presented by some of the most influential and successful bloggers in the world.

This year, there will be two free webinars being presented by two of my blogging idols: Ruth Soukup and Bob Lotich. You can save your seat at the webinars right here.

Webinar ONE is happening on Monday September 30th at 4:00pm (PT) and w
ebinar TWO is happening on Tuesday October 1st. There are two time options for this one: 930am or 530pm (PT).

Even though I’m a veteran blogger that has been doing this forever and a day, I still attend these webinars and take tons of notes every year, because they are always packed with valuable information about the ever-changing world of blogging.


Here’s a little-known fact about these free webinars: everyone who attends gets a secret link and the option of early access to the toolkit. There are also early-bird bonuses and a handful of other bonuses that come with every bundle purchased.

Again, even though I can’t disclose every detail and every bonus that will be available to you, it will be worth attending the webinars and finding out what’s in store!

Save your seat at one or both webinars here.



This product is close to my heart because it’s one of the first “educational” investments that I ever made for my own blogging business. I cleaned out my garage and sold a bunch of baby stuff from my first baby just to buy the toolkit. And I’m so glad I did.

That small investment lit a fire under me to really make this blogging thing WORK. Yeah, it was just a hundred bucks and some old baby clothes and gear, but it meant the world to me at that time.

I had already been blogging for a while and making a little money, but I just hadn’t “broken through” that barrier yet and I wanted to take it up a notch.

I want YOU to take it up a notch too and see what you’re capable of!

If you’re taking that same step that I did in buying this toolkit, I want you to know that I’ve got your back! That’s why everyone that buys the toolkit through this blog post is getting lots of free gifts from me, just as a thank you for trusting in me to recommend quality products to you on your blogging journey.



Anyone that buys the toolkit through this blog post is getting these two special bonuses to help you make the most of your investment!

BONUS # 1:
Free access to my affiliate program master list (for first-time buyers). This list of over 1,000 high-paying affiliate programs is a great complement to my affiliate marketing course in the bundle!

BONUS # 2: Take 20% off any 1:1 blog strategy session with me. Accountability and support are so important when it comes to blogging and learning the ropes of online business. I’ll work with you one-on-one and help you make the most of the training in the Genius Blogger’s toolkit.

I’m offering these special bonuses because I want to help you get the most out of the toolkit, if you do choose to buy it!

Simply follow this link to purchase your toolkit on launch day OR register for the free webinars using this link. After you make your purchase and have your receipt, just send a screenshot of the receipt to me via email at

This gift is being given on the honor system, so please only provide a receipt of purchase if you used my affiliate link in this article to make your purchase.



No matter what anyone else tries to tell you, there is DEFINITELY a downside to purchasing bundles of products like this…and we need to talk about it!

The cons of the toolkit:

1. There is A TON of content included and it’s sooo easy to get overwhelmed.

The overwhelm is a serious concern when you buy a huge bundle of digital products like this. You might even get frustrated by the mountain of “work” in front of you and never open the bundle to begin with!

2. There are A TON of varying teaching styles in the courses/programs.

This bundle is curated by bloggers, educators, and entrepreneurs…and we all have our own teaching style. Not every course in the bundle is going to be a good fit for you, and that might feel disappointing. It’s best to be prepared for this before making the investment.

3. You have a limited time to gain access to the content.

Although you do have lifetime access to all of the courses/programs in the toolkit, you only have six months to actually sign up and/or join those programs. So, you have to be sure that you sign up for all of the things you want to utilize before those promo codes expire.

So, is the toolkit worth purchasing?


Most of the time, I’m going to say that it’s absolutely worth it. I buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit every year, because to me, it is definitely worth the price tag.

Even if you only take advantage of 2-3 of the courses or tools, it is still wayyyy cheaper than buying those products on their own.

You’ll also get free support from my blogging group to help you stay on track with your goals!

The pros of the toolkit are pretty obvious: it’s an insanely great value for a ton of helpful blogging tools. The cheat sheets make it even easier to sort through the content and decide which tools and courses you want to use.

Remember, if you attend the free webinar series, you get early access to buy the bundle. But if you miss the webinars, the cart opens up on October 2nd!

You can also get updates on the launch here.

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  1. I was considering this toolkit – didn’t realize it was time limited! So I have some real thinking to do! I wanted to get the pinteresting strategies course but thats $47 by it’sself so for not a lot more money theres a lot more stuff to be gotten!

  2. Omg your so right! This kit is saving my life right now! I’m trying to attend everything in order but class I’m doing now blogging boss is 1,000 alone! Best purchase ever! Thanks! Your amazing!

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