Should You Spend Money on the BC Stack This Year?

If you circulate in blogging groups online, then you’ve probably heard about the BC Stack. If not, here is a quick rundown:


BC Stack is a bundle of blogging products sold at a massive discount for just a few days each year. This year, there are more than $8,000 worth of courses, e-books, memberships, and trainings in the stack.


All focused on online business and blogging.


All for $47.


But before jumping into this gigantic bundle and drowning in information overload, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the BC Stack. And answer the big question every blogger has right now: should you really be spending money on the BC stack?


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Let’s start with the bad news first…




The biggest downside to this deal is also the upside.


CON # 1: The BC Stack has a lot of content in it.


Like, A LOT…


Even though it’s a great deal, it’s also so easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of courses and trainings in the BC Stack. And sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed by that level of info, you can’t even concentrate enough to read or benefit from a single course or ebook.


The best way to deal with this concern?


Don’t try to “do it all” or “get your money’s worth” by consuming every single thing in the stack. It just isn’t going to happen.


Instead, scroll through the list of content with a critical eye, and only enroll in the programs that serve your CURRENT GOALS.


Go into this thing with the understanding that ‘getting your money’s worth’ out of the BC Stack only involves choosing 4-5 programs that are important to you and your goals right now.


CON # 2: You’ll probably get a flood of emails!


Whenever you join a new program or course, you’re added to that creator’s email list (because they need to be able to communicate with you about your purchase).


Is this a bad thing?


Not necessarily. But if you’re trying to sign up for 65+ things, you’re going to be FLOODED with emails, and those emails can be overwhelming.


Just another good reason to only sign up for the few courses or programs that are most appealing to you and your current goals.


PRO TIP: Create a BC Stack folder in your email account and move all emails to that folder so that they’re kept in one place!


CON # 3: It’s only available for a few days.


The stack just launched and it’s only available for 7 days total (it shuts down on the 25th of July).


That doesn’t give you a ton of time to consider what’s in the stack and if it’s worth the investment.


Since time is limited, I put together this quick spreadsheet so that you can see a snapshot of everything in the stack and also keep track of the courses and login info as you enroll in programs (it’s free, just click the link and download it)!




Now, onto the good stuff.


PRO # 1: The BC Stack is a carefully curated bundle of educational products for bloggers.


The creators of the stack, Dan Morris and Rachel Martin, have been providing this awesome deal to bloggers for six years, and they have it down to a science! They are personally vetting every single participant and product to make sure that it’s valuable to bloggers.


In other words: you’re guaranteed to get premium blogging education based on what’s working in the industry right now.


PRO # 2: It’s dirt cheap.


Have you ever been able to get $8,000 worth of products for less than 50 bucks? How about $1,000 worth of products for less than 50 bucks?


It just doesn’t happen.


The BC Stack contributors offer their premium products at a tiny fraction of the usual cost so that everyone has access to this valuable content.


Even if you only did 1 or 2 of the programs, it would still be more than worth the investment.


If you’re convinced, then you can grab the BC Stack here!


PRO # 3: You get access to more high-paying affiliate programs!


Y’all know how much I love affiliate marketing, it basically runs through my veins!


A lot of times, course creators only allow you to join their affiliate programs and earn from referrals if you’ve actually taken their courses.


Well, here’s a chance for you to join more affiliate programs for more awesome programs that you might not have been able to purchase at their full price.


BOOM: more commissions coming your way (this one is our little secret, don’t be tellin’ people I told you)!


PRO # 4: You get access to my premium affiliate marketing course.


Not saying this to be braggy, but my affiliate marketing course made the cut this year, and it’s part of the BC Stack!


This course, Affiliate Marketing, Simplified!, has thousands of active students, and everyone that is implementing my affiliate marketing strategies is MAKING MONEY… 


Because the strategies work.


I’ve been using them, teaching them, and tweaking them to perfection for almost a decade, my friends. And I’m so proud to be sharing them with thousands of students for a tiny fraction of the usual price!


PRO # 5: You get an awesome bonus for buying the stack through this article!


Not only are you getting 65 amazing programs to choose from and learn from, but I‘m throwing in an extra bonus for anyone that buys the BC Stack through this article.


If you buy through this article, I’m throwing in FREE access to my 4-week intensive affiliate marketing challenge REPLAY. 


This challenge replay is the PERFECT complement to my affiliate marketing course!


It includes unique trainings, blog audits, and interviews that you won’t find in the course itself. 


Between my course and the challenge replay, you’ll have absolutely everything you need to start making sustainable income from affiliate marketing.




If you buy the stack through this article, just send me an email to with a screenshot of your receipt so that I can deliver your bonus!




The better question after reading all the pros and cons: do you really need this product right now?


And the truth is, not everybody REALLY needs to buy it.




Don’t buy it if you don’t need it.


Even though it’s cheap, that $47 can be spent on other important things!


Don’t let the scarcity or the fear of missing out force you into buying something you don’t really need, or won’t actually USE.


If there are a few courses in the stack that you’ve had your eye on, then heck yeah, it’s worth it!


If you want to learn more after affiliate marketing, then heck yeah, it’s worth it!


It’s going to be a great resource for the people that really want to learn from the programs within. But it isn’t an investment that every single blogger needs to make – so weigh your own goals and see if the investment makes sense for YOU.




If you do buy the BC Stack, be sure to take note of these important things.



  • You have 60 days to join the programs you want to join. 



After that, most courses and programs provide lifetime access (review the stipulations for each program of course, but most of them will be lifetime access, including mine).



  • A few of the offerings are LIVE trainings.


Make note of the dates and be ready to participate in those when they’re happening, if you want to do them.


The dates for LIVE events will be on the product list for the stack, but you can also find this info in the note section of my spreadsheet linked above.




If you’re speed scrolling through this post, here’s a quick recap: 


-BC Stack is a bundle of blogging programs that’s on sale this week only. You can buy it here.

-It comes with $8,000 worth of blogging courses, ebooks, and education for just $47.

-My affiliate marketing course is in the bundle, and everyone that buys through this article gets FREE access to my intensive affiliate marketing challenge replay as a bonus!


Send me an email to with a screenshot of your receipt to collect your bonus.




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