How to Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest (in Five Minutes or Less)!

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to set up Rich Pins on your Pinterest account.

Most of us are Pinterest lovers around here, as business owners and as consumers. There are seriously over 250 million active Pinterest users out there.

Everyone and their mother is on Pinterest, and they’re browsing for ideas and solutions every single day. Everyone except my husband, anyway…will you tell him to get with the program already?

As bloggers, you can use Pinterest to collaborate with amazing entrepreneurs, sell your own products, and drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. Aside from being great for business, Pinterest is just all-around inspirational and visual goodness.

But, not all pins on Pinterest are created equal…

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What Are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins give your content more detail and provide extra information for the reader/user on Pinterest. Here’s an example of a regular pin compared to one of my “rich pins.”

set up rich pins pinterest

My pin clearly provides more detail to the reader and gives a thorough explanation of what they’re going to see if they click the “Read it” button. Our goal is to get people to click on our pins and redirect back to our website, and Rich Pins make this sooo much easier.

Categories of Rich Pins

There are four categories for Rich Pins: product, article, app, and recipe. Here’s a quick rundown on each of them:

Product rich pins show the price, stock status and product description on your pin. This is great for bloggers that sell physical products.

Article rich pins show the blog title, post description, and author info on your pin. Most of my content is in article form, and my goal is to get readers on my blog, so I enabled article rich pins on my Pinterest account.

App rich pins have an install button on them that redirects to the app store to download an app.

Recipe rich pins let you add important recipe info to your pin, like the ingredients, serving size, cook time, and post title. Super useful for food bloggers!

How to Set Up Rich Pins with Yoast

Applying for rich pins is a two-step process and it can be a little bit tech-y. But don’t let that scare you. You can handle this, I promise.

First, you’ll add some metadata to your site and then you’ll apply for rich pins by validating your website. It sounds waaaay more complicated than it is, and this one little trick of mine is going to change the game for you.

If you’re using (which I highly recommend), you can use the YoastSEO plugin to simplify this whole process.

You’ll go into your WordPress dashboard, open up the YoastSEO plugin, and click on the “Social” tab.

Now, go to the “Facebook” tab at the top of your screen and make sure that the Open Graph meta data button is enabled. That takes care of step one (yay)!

It looks like this:


For step two, you’ll go to Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator to validate your site. Below the instructions, you’ll see a URL box and a blue button that says Validate.

Just copy the URL from any of your website blog posts, paste it into this box, and hit the Validate button.

It looks like this:


Once you click validate, a page will pop up with a button that says “Apply.” Hit that button, and you’re all set!

Your pins will become Rich pins within 24 hours of completing this process.

How to Set Up Rich Pins Without Yoast

If you’re not using and Yoast, Pinterest lays out the steps for you here.

If you’re a Squarespace user, you can find the steps on their site here.

The Bigger Picture

In the big picture, having your Pinterest profile optimized for your readers and followers is an important part of your blogging strategy. I highly recommend reading this article to learn about using Pinterest to grow your blog and business.

Which reminds me: follow me over on Pinterest to get all of the blogging and online business tips that you need to boost your blog income and build your own biz.

If you want to get your blog set up for just $3.95/month, check out Siteground for hosting (they’re the best).

And if you want to boost your blog traffic, check out the pin scheduler that I’m using to get over 30,000 blog views a month from Pinterest: it’s called Tailwind, and your first 100 pins are FREE!

Happy Blogging!

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