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The Best Podcasts for Bloggers Who Want to Build an Empire

Let’s talk about some of the best podcasts for bloggers. 

As a blogger, you know you’ll want to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry. We all know the feeling of going offline for a weekend and coming back to find that Chat GPT (or some other nifty tool) has completely revolutionized the blogging industry while we were away.

One of the easiest ways to stay up to speed with the digital marketing world is by listening to podcasts. 

Podcasts are a great way to learn new tips and tricks, hear from industry experts, and get inspired by other bloggers who have achieved success. It also helps you stay up on the latest trends, even if you’re busy! 

Throw those headphones in when you’re going for a walk, cleaning house, running errands, or whatever else you’re doing.


Here are some of the best podcasts for bloggers (in random order, all worth checking out).

  1. The Smart Passive Income Podcast: Hosted by Pat Flynn. This podcast provides valuable insights on building an online business and creating passive income streams.

  1. ProBlogger Podcast: This podcast is hosted by Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger. It covers a wide range of blogging topics, from content creation to monetization strategies.

  1. Online Marketing Made Easy: Hosted by Amy Porterfield. This podcast covers a range of online marketing topics, including email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.
  1. The Blogging Millionaire: Hosted by Brandon Gaille. This podcast also shares valuable insights on growing your blog and turning it into a profitable online business.

  1. Side Hustle Pro: Hosted by Nicaila Matthews Okome. This podcast provides valuable insights on online marketing and side hustle strategies and has been named “the perfect entrepreneurship podcast”. 

  1. Copyblogger Podcast: Hosted by Tim Stoddart. This podcast brings in rotating experts that analyze all kinds of trending marketing tactics and mindset strategies. Topics often include: content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and much more.

  1. The Influencer Podcast: Hosted by Julie Solomon. This podcast is focused on helping influencers and bloggers grow their audience, monetize their platforms, and create successful businesses.

  1. The Chalene Show: Hosted by Chalene Johnson. This podcast is focused on social media and digital marketing, and provides tons of insights on growing your audience, building your brand, and monetizing your platforms. 

  1. Entrepreneurs on Fire: Hosted by John Lee Dumas. This podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, including bloggers and content creators, and provides valuable insights on how they built their businesses, overcame adversity, and more.


These last two I consider ‘bonuses’ because they are SUCH amazing podcasts that deserve a little extra special attention! Two of my favorite podcasts and entrepreneurs in general.

  1. Gary Vee Podcast: Hosted by Gary Vaynerchuck. This podcast is one of the most motivating and inspirational podcasts you’ll listen to. If you don’t already know Gary Vee, prepare yourself, as some adult language will be used. Learn all about entrepreneurship, business, leveraging tools at your disposal, and more.
  2.  The Sunny Show: Hosted by Sunny Lenarduzzi. This podcast is perfect for bloggers who need a little inspiration to start your own business and build life on your terms. The focus is on building your brand and scaling your business. 

Of course there are many more podcasts out here (throw me some underdogs in the comments and I’ll check them out)! But these are some of the recent podcasts that I’ve been listening to and learning from.

All of these podcasts cover a range of topics related to blogging, online marketing, content creation, and entrepreneurship. Make a little time to tune into the ones that resonate with you.

You’ll be able to gain valuable insights and inspiration to help you build resilience, build skill, and build a successful blog and online business.

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With the right mindset and resources, you absolutely CAN build a successful blog from scratch and from the comfort of your home (or the beach). So, start listening to these podcasts and get inspired to achieve your blogging goals!

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