How to Make Money with the Brooklinen Affiliate program

Update: Brooklinen has (hopefully) temporarily ended their affiliate program. Here are a few other options for bedding/mattress companies you can add to your affiliate marketing strategy:

Avocado Mattress

Bear Mattress

Layla Sleep

Sweet Night Mattresses + Pillows

Calling all lifestyle bloggers, mom bloggers, home decor bloggers, and social media influencers! This article is going to show you everything you need to know about one of the best converting affiliate programs out there — the Brooklinen affiliate program.

The Brooklinen affiliate program is a program that allows you to earn commissions from promoting their cozy products.

Their affiliates average a commission of about $26 per sale.

So, ready to learn more about Brooklinen? Good, let’s dive right in!


Brooklinen is a company that launched in 2014 out of Brooklyn, NY. 

They’re a leader in the bedding industry, selling luxury grade linens at an affordable price point.

With an emphasis on providing consumers with beautiful, high-quality linens without outrageous price points, Brooklinen boasts a high percent repeat purchase percentage amongst their buyers.

With a product line ranging from a simple classic sheet collection to a full-blown move-in bundle, they have everything anyone on the market for new bedding could need!

Do your readers love luxury living at a discount? If so, this is an affiliate program you’ll want to join!

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The Brooklinen affiliate program isn’t just a random program you join and cross your fingers to make a sale. Nope, won’t find those programs around here. 

The Brooklinen program ranks # 2 in the TOP 100 Power Rank programs in the Share-a-Sale network… What does this mean?

It means out of ALL the affiliate programs in the Share-a-Sale network, it converts to more sales than almost all other programs… and you know what that means: more sales for YOU!

Brooklinen features:

– Payout of 1% commission on sales 

– A 1-day cookie

– Average sale amount of $186.40

– HIGH repeat purchase percentage with LOW return rates

– You can promote this program on your blog, social, or email


Joining the Brooklinen affiliate program is free & easy. 

You can apply to the Brooklinen affiliate program right here

Screenshot of ShareaSale homepage

Since the Brooklinen affiliate program is hosted on the Share-a-Sale network, you’ll need a Share-a-Sale account to join (it’s free and every blogger should have one anyway).

If you already have a Share-a-Sale account, you’ll just sign-in and search for Brooklinen under Merchant search.

After going through the sign-up steps and getting approved for Share-a-Sale, you’ll search for Brooklinen under Merchants and hit the blue button that says ‘Join Program’.

Looks something like this:

blue button that says join program on it

When you apply to join the program, make sure you fill out the information box asking for details on how you plan to promote the products. It’s optional, but if you let the company know that you have the ideal audience for their products, you’re more likely to get approved.

Keep it simple. 

In a few short sentences, explain who your audience is and how you plan to promote these products to them. (Think social media channels, your blog, etc…)

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


After applying to the Brooklinen affiliate program, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you’ve been approved or denied.

Once you get approved, you can log in to your Share-a-Sale account and grab your affiliate links to share with your audience.

Join the Brooklinen Affiliate Program right here to get started!

Although Brooklinen has a lower commission percentage than most, their high-repeat customers and strong 6.65% conversion rate greatly make up for it.

Trust me, you’ll still be able to use this program to your advantage to rake in some extra money!

Once you grab your links from your Brooklinen account, you can start sharing them on your:

  • Blog (write a review about the product or share a list post)
  • Social media (create a captivating photo + captions resonating with your audience)
  • Share with your email subscribers (send a true story about your experience using Brooklinen products)
  • And much more!

Make sure you specify these promotion channels in your Share-a-Sale account too if you haven’t already (you can update this info under your account settings).

If the product aligns with your audience, you shouldn’t struggle to share it with them. 

In the world of affiliate marketing, their needs will always come first.

Brainstorm some ideas on what kind of content you think they’d enjoy. Send out a poll on your social pages or ask in an email.

Once you find your answer, create some killer content and sprinkle in those affiliate links!

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