How to Make Money with the Zen Business Affiliate Program


The Zen Business affiliate program is a program that pays bloggers and creatives to promote their business services online.


Their affiliates earn $60 per sale, plus bonuses, making this program a great option to include in your affiliate marketing strategy!




Zen Business is a company that provides affordable business formation services. They help you with business setup, getting an EIN number, banking, ongoing state compliance, and more.


Their affiliate program is perfect for business bloggers, marketing bloggers, accountants, lawyers, and other professionals that want to help clients start and grow their own business. 




This program features:


– Payout of $60 per sale

– A 30-day cookie

– EPC of $2,015

– Top ranking program in Share-a-Sale

– Bonuses and incentives




Joining the Zen Business affiliate program is free. 


First, you’ll join the Share-a-Sale network right here (also free).


The sign-up page will look like this. 


Screenshot of ShareaSale homepage


It’s a brief 5-step process to sign-up for Share-a-Sale, and once you do, you’ll have access to thousands of affiliate programs that you can join and promote.


Zen Business is just one of them!


If you already have a Share-a-Sale account, you’ll just login, hit the ‘Merchants’ tab, and then ‘Search for Merchants’.


Type ‘Zen Business’ into the search bar and then hit the blue button that says ‘Join Program’.

blue button that says join program on it

When you apply to join the program, make sure you fill out the information box asking for details on how you plan to promote the products. It’s optional, but if you let the company know that you have the ideal audience for their products, you’re more likely to get approved.


Don’t overcomplicate this part. 


In a few short sentences, explain who your audience is and how you plan to promote these products to them.


Screenshot of a join program button and text box




After applying to the Zen Business affiliate program, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you’ve been approved or denied. If you get denied for some reason, make sure you reach out to the affiliate team and clarify why you’d be a good fit for the program.


You can contact the Head of their affiliate program, Ben Hibshman, by emailing


Once you get approved, you can login to your Share-a-Sale account and get your affiliate links to share with your audience.


Set up your Share-a-Sale account right here to get started!


Remember, you’ll make at least $60 commission on every sale that comes through your affiliate link, so you’ll want to start finding strategic ways to share Zen Business’s services with people.


After you grab your links from your Share-a-Sale account, you can share them on your blog, social media, with your email subscribers, and more. Be sure to specify your promotion channels in your Share-a-Sale account too (you can update this info under your account settings).


Here’s how to maximize your income from the program:


– Dig into the affiliate program and get familiar with their offerings. 


– Think of creative ways to share their offerings with your audience.


– Focus on the value that these products/services provide for your people.


One of the best ways to promote affiliate products is through comprehensive blog posts that solve a problem or fill a need for your readers.


Pro tip: maximize the reach of your blog posts by learning proper SEO! This FREE training will teach you everything you need to know!


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