How to Make Money with the SPANX Affiliate Program

The Spanx affiliate program is a referral program that allows you to earn commissions from promoting their products to your audience.

They are a popular brand with an average order value of over $80, giving their affiliates an excellent opportunity to earn income from the program.

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Spanx is a lifestyle company that sells various shapewear options for women. They sell corsets, waist trainers, leggings, socks, and even lingerie. 

The Spanx team strives to make products that flatter the female body, rather than hide their shape, while also keeping comfort.

This affiliate program is perfect for lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, fitness bloggers and any other influencer that caters to an audience with an interest in figure-flattering innerwear and outerwear.


This program features:

– Payout of up to 8% commission on sales
– A 30-day cookie duration
– Average sale amount of $95.46
– 1% commission for coupon sites
– Complete product catalog


Joining the Spanx affiliate program is super easy and completely free. 

Since the Spanx affiliate program is hosted on the Share-a-Sale network, you’ll need to sign up for an account there first. It is completely free to sign up.

You can set up your account right here. The sign-up page looks like this.

Screenshot of ShareaSale homepage

Once you go through the sign-up steps to get approved for Share-a-Sale, you’ll search for Spanx under the Merchants tab and then hit the blue button that says ‘Join Program’.

It will look something like this:

blue button that says join program on it

As you apply to join the program, be sure you fill out the information box that asks for details on how you plan to promote the products. This isn’t a requirement, but if you show the company that your site is a great way to share their products, it’s more likely that they will accept you.

This should be fun and easy, so don’t make it too hard.

All you need to do is give a brief description of who your audience is and how you plan to promote Spanx products.

Some promotional ideas:

  • Dedicated blog posts
  • Instagram posts/videos
  • Sending an email to subscribers
  • Creating gift guides

Definitely don’t skip this step! Letting the affiliate team know how you plan to promote their products gives you a better chance of getting approved!

Screenshot of a join program button and text box


After applying to the Spanx affiliate program, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you’ve been approved or denied.

Once you get your approval email, you can login to your Share-a-Sale account. Then, you can get your affiliate links to share with your audience.

Remember, you’ll make up to 8% commission on every sale that comes through your affiliate link, so you’ll want to start finding the best ways to share it with people as soon as you get approved.

After you grab your links from your Spanx account, you can share them on your blog, social media, with your email subscribers, and more. Make sure to specify these promotional channels within your Share-a-Sale account (you can update this info under your account settings).

Don’t forget to focus on what your audience wants to see, try, or buy. Share your recommendations while making sure your affiliate links are easily accessible!

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