Group Rules for Becoming a Blogger Facebook Group

Our FREE Facebook group is a place for bloggers to connect, share insight and advice, get answers to questions, boost blog traffic through daily promo threads, and support fellow entrepreneurs.

To keep this community safe, positive, and productive, we have a few rules that our members need to follow. We do our best to keep it fair for everyone, and we enforce these rules every day.

If you break the rules once, your post will be deleted. If you break the rules twice, you will be removed from our group. If you aren’t happy with the way we run our group, you are free to remove yourself at any time.


We do not allow members to post links on the main wall for any reason. This leads to excessive self-promotion, and that is NOT what our group is about. We have plenty of opportunities for members to share what they’re working on through our daily promo threads.

So, what can you post on the main wall?

Anything blogging/business related, that doesn’t include a link or blatant self-promotion.

Just a few ideas: share helpful tips, share your latest accomplishment, share an inspirational quote, ask for help, offer help to others, give advice to fellow bloggers, tell us a funny story, share positive experiences, network with fellow bloggers, share a lesson you learned, etc.

You can always ask for advice or feedback on your blog/website/business, but please start your post with the word #feedback and then share the link IN THE COMMENT SECTION. This makes is easier for our admin to monitor posts.

If you share a link on the main wall, your post will be deleted without warning.

***Group admins reserve the right to break our own rule if we have something that is helpful to share with our community.


We run this community free of charge and we work hard to provide a ton of free value to our members. One thing that makes this all possible is the affiliate income we earn from our posts, courses, and recommendations.

When you post direct affiliate links in our group, you are taking potential business away from us, and that’s not cool, yo. That would be like walking into our place of business and trying to sell your products to our customers. That’s gross, so please don’t do it.

If you are caught sharing DIRECT affiliate links at any time, you will be removed from our group without warning. Please do not try to be sneaky by offering to PM your affiliate link to other members.

***Note: if you have a blog post that is genuinely helpful to a fellow blogger that is asking for help, you are welcome to share that blog post in the comment section, even if the post contains affiliate links.


Do not post in this group asking people to “PM you for more info” and do not send PMs to people without permission. That is spammy and it takes away from the quality of this community. If you are caught doing this, you will be removed from our group.

Self-promotion is only allowed within our daily sharing threads for the designated platform, and the schedule is listed below. No self-promotion (with or without links) is allowed on the main wall or in comment replies, unless it is requested by the original poster.

As an example, if the original poster specifically asks for someone to help them design a logo, you are welcome to offer your services. Please do not promote your business OR services unless it is specifically requested. Again, this group is primarily for support and education, not promotion.

If you are caught promoting your business or services without specific request, your post and/or comments will be deleted without warning. We don’t have time to message every single person that breaks the rules, so if your post gets deleted, re-read the rules and make sure you understand them. If your post was deleted, it probably went against our group rules.

Self-promotion includes, but is not limited to: offering freebies with the purpose of collecting email addresses; inviting people to check out your group, page, or website; going “live” for any reason, and inviting people to join your affiliate programs or challenges. Sneaky self-promotion will also be deleted.

As is implied in the group name, we are all about support and education for new bloggers, and everyone will have the opportunity to share the awesome stuff they’re working on within designated daily share threads.


Monday: Instagram (Likes + Comments)

Tuesday: Twitter (Follows + Re-tweets)

Wednesday: Blog Post (Share + Comment)

Thursday: Pinterest (Follows + Re-pins)

Friday: Facebook (Page Likes + Comments)

Saturday: Weekend Wildcard (Share anything)

If you post in our daily promo threads, you are expected to support and engage with a few of your fellow bloggers (that means at least 2-4 people in that thread).

You ARE NOT required to follow anyone that does not interest you and you ARE NOT required to “like back” or “follow back” anyone that likes/follows you. You are only required to engage with the content of other bloggers in some helpful way (a like, a share, a re-pin, a comment, follow etc).


Facebook has rules and regulations of their own, outside of our community rules. And they have been cracking down on spammy links and third-party tools that break their Terms of Use.

If you are following our group rules and your post STILL gets deleted, it’s probably because Facebook marked your comment as spam. We have no control over what Facebook does, but we do have a few recommendations to help you stay on their good side!

  1. Engage with others in a slow, natural way. Don’t hit “like” on 20 posts in a row. It’s better to like a few posts, comment on a few posts, take a break, and then come back. You can also use other reactions (love, laugh, sad, wow) to show Facebook that you’re a real person and not a spam bot.
  2. Don’t respond to every single person that you engage with. You don’t have to say “liked” or “followed” or “commented” every single time. You can just like their post to let them know you’ve engaged with their content. And mix it up with different comment responses as well, to let Facebook know you are a human making human comments.
  3. Don’t drop a bunch of links on the same day. It’s tempting to share your latest and greatest post in 50 promo groups on the same day, but Facebook will almost always mark you as spam and start deleting your posts. Use links sparingly and strategically. I personally participate in just a few of my favorite groups and only share links when it’s absolutely necessary.


  1. We want this group to be a positive place for bloggers, so please be kind and constructive at all times.
  2. These rules are subject to change at any time, and it’s your responsibility to check back on occasion to make sure you’re caught up.
With those things in mind, let’s make this group a positive and productive place to grow your blog and make money online!