How to Have an Awesome Family Day for Under $20

My dad always taught me to collect memories, not things. With that example before me, I’m working hard to keep my family active and somewhat adventurous. It’s not always easy, because my husband works a lot, and we only have a few special hours a week for quality time. So, we try to use that time for an awesome family day (or half day) with our babies! And I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. It’s so good for the family bond.

Here is how to have an awesome fun-filled family day for just twenty bucks, or less!

fun family day

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1. Think about things you like to do that are free, or relatively inexpensive.

Do you like to hike, swim, explore, or play at the beach? Of course there are things that we love that cost money, and we’ll make room for those things too! But if your family is on a tight budget, or if you’re saving for the future, you can still have a fun family day for little to no money.

I love the beach, and thankfully we have one nearby. This is my favorite form of free fun! My husband honestly isn’t crazy about the sand and the hassle, but he’ll tough it out for me and the kids…which I appreciate. He does love the burgers and shakes from In-N-Out though, so we always make a special stop there for lunch after our beach dates, just to show daddy that we’re thankful for him and the time he spends with us.

Figure out what you love to do, and do more of that.

2. Find something to do that is within driving distance of your house.

Not everyone can load up the family and head off for a weekend getaway, and not everyone can afford the cost of gas or hotel accommodations either.

Don’t let that keep you from an adventurous family day! Most of us have some kind of free entertainment near our homes that we didn’t even know existed.

If you need some help in this department, then Google will be your new best friend. You can simply type the words “free things to do near me” into the Google search engine, and you’ll get tons of search results and lists of free places to have family-friendly fun.

That’s why the beach is our number one spot! It’s within driving distance to our house, and it’s fun for the kids. Can’t beat that!

3. Get creative.

If you don’t like the beach or you don’t have a lot of free options near your house, then get creative with your family day.

Libraries often have craft days, story time, and baby yoga free-of-charge. Many malls have indoor playgrounds for chilly days and seasons. City parks are always free and easy fun for your kids.

On our beach days, we seriously spend less than $20.

$2 per hour for parking
$15 or less on lunch

We have purchased and accumulated a lot of beach gear over the years, but most of those things aren’t even necessary if you’re just walking along the sand, climbing the rocks, and exploring little beach-front shops.

So think outside the box. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.

Here’s a list of beautiful spots to visit and stay this Spring!

Now tell me, what do you do on your family fun days, and how do you keep the expense down?? Share in the comments!

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