Diaper Bag Essentials for Baby’s First Road Trip

Last weekend, my husband and I packed up our baby and the diaper bag, and took a short road trip back to my hometown. The trip takes about 2.5 hours each way. I used to think that it was a quick and easy drive, but it kind of feels like an eternity with a fussy infant.

Emma usually does so well in her car seat, but she is teething now, so she constantly needs to chomp, scream, and squirm to distract herself from the discomfort. If we’re lucky, she’ll sleep peacefully for half an hour so that hubby and I can turn up our Will Smith Playlist and rap to Wild Wild West…not kidding. We actually do this. 

When we were getting ready, I got to thinking about what I bring along in the diaper bag for day trips like this and what I really need to bring next time to make the trip a little easier. I linked up some Amazon items for you here, so that you can have them delivered to your door and ready for your next road trip.

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  1. Change of clothes for baby
  2. 10 Diapers (Baby poops a lot)
  3. Travel case of Wipes
  4. Teething tablets
  5. Teething toy
  6. Crinkly book 
  7. Baby Blanket
  8. Sunglasses (for mom and baby)
  9. Sippy cup
  10. Teething crackers
  11. Nursing cover 
  12. Nursing pads
  13. Shirt for mom, in case of spills, leaks etc.
  14. Wallet
  15. Keys
  16. Phone and Charger
  17. Baby’s favorite toy

I managed to get by with everything on this list, but I definitely recommend bringing a few extra toys or whatever your baby is interested in that day. My baby loves to rattle a small toy around in a cup, so I usually bring a sturdy plastic cup, a small rattle to shake around inside the cup, and an empty water bottle, because those are the funky things that she finds interesting right now. They definitely keep her busy for plenty of time.

I’m also doing a modified form of baby-led-weaning, so I didn’t pack any baby food this trip. I just gave her pieces of whatever fruits or veggies I was eating so that she could hold them and suck on them. It’s easier for me, less to pack, and she loves to eat what mommy is eating.

Now, tell me! What do you pack in your diaper bag for day trips? For weekend trips? Did I miss anything important? Share in the comments!

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