Grab this quick and dirty blog post checklist and get your blog writing back on track!

If you’re tired of trying to figure out the correct way to write and publish a solid blog post, today is your lucky day!

I’ve put together this detailed guide that walks through absolutely EVERYTHING that you need to know about how to formulate, optimize, and publish a great blog post.


This simple 22-page guide covers 10 detailed steps for creating the perfect blog post.

It includes a checklist and several note sections for you to track and review everything you’re working on.

The guide also includes several tips for efficiency and provides sold recommendations for tricks and tools that will help you improve your skills and write better blog posts!

Print this baby out or use the digital copy, just make sure it’s easy to access anytime you’re working on your blog.

Follow this guide for creating highly optimized, rock solid blog posts that your readers will love!


What is included in my purchase?

After making your $7 payment, you will receive a PDF download that contains the full 22-page Ultimate Blog Post Checklist guide.

What if I don’t see an email from you after making my purchase?

The email will be coming from Sendowl.

Deliverability issues are extremely rare with this service, but if you don’t see the email within your inbox within 15 minutes of your purchase, send me an email to (be sure to check spam and junk folders too).

Do I get any guarantees with this purchase?

I can guarantee you that I created this affordable resource with bloggers in mind. It follows the same formula that I use for my own blog posts, and I haven’t had a single complaint about it yet.

If I’m not happy, can I request a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

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