So, you’ve moved beyond that ‘beginner blogger’ status and you’re ready to take it to the next level?


This is where the real fun begins. You have your foundation down and you are ready to level up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

More traffic, more opportunities, more income, more impact, more FUN!

If you’re brand new around here, HI! I’m Cate Rosales and I’ll be your trail guide on level 2 of this blogging adventure.

I’m the business strategist and blog coach behind Becoming a Blogger and Scale Your Blog Success. I have been starting and growing fresh blogs since 2010 and I have helped over 7,000 students on this path.

Our adventure began on level 1 with choosing a niche, choosing a domain name, grabbing hosting and a Google account, and (hopefully) publishing some great content that led to some blog traffic.

Most of the time, our level 1 bloggers have some content up on their site, have joined some affiliate programs, and might even have some decent traffic flowing to their site.

My goal is always to help my level 1 adventurers set up their foundation and start on the path to the 10K club:

10K monthly blog visitors,
10K email subscribers
10K in monthly income
… or whatever your own 10K CLUB goal might be!

Level 1 users aren’t there quite yet, but they have the foundation down.

Now that you’re on level 2, we’re gonna get more focused, more organized, and more strategic so that you can hit those BIG (first or next) 10K marks of yours.

If you’ve already joined the 10K club, keep doing what you’re doing!

What got you here will keep you growing.

If you haven’t gotten that foundation down already, then you probably landed on this page by mistake. You can use the search function or the menu on the homepage of to find what you’re looking for!

Most importantly, I want you to know that I have a special email list that is JUST for my intermediate bloggers that are on their way to the 10K club and beyond (that’s you).

And remember, the 10K club isn’t just 10,000 monthly blog views.

It is whatever YOUR next 10K goal may be. Might be to add 10K in revenue to your monthly income. Might be to add 10K new subscribers to your email list.

Whatever 10K club goals you have, we’re gonna get you there in level 2 of this adventure!

You can look forward to tips, tools, and deals that no one else in my audience receives.

Since you landed on this page, you’re already on that level 2 list, so look out for my next email in the next few days!

P.S. Wanna fast-track your way to blogging success and a profitable site? Look into my monthly membership program here.

In my SCALE community, you’ll get hands-on help from me and other blog coaches. You also get extensive training guides, over-the-shoulder video tutorials, a monthly action plan to keep you on track, promo opportunities, and more! It’s the best way to fast-track your success.

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