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I established this blog in 2015 with the purpose of helping women and moms all around the world to live an amazingly sweet and simple life.

My goal is to help you enjoy the sweetness of life and motherhood, and help you to live simply as a woman and mother in our modern world. My focus is on minimalism and raising happy, healthy kids!

What can you expect when visiting this blog? Parenting hacks, product reviews, helpful checklists and printables, tips for organizing and simplifying, practical guidance for working moms, and lots of free stuff and giveaways.

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More About Cate:

imageI’m wife to a hard working man and mommy to a wild baby girl, with another baby on the way! I’m a writer, editor, and business manager that loves my family, the beach, and all things minimalist. My day job as an office manager pays the bills, but writing and raising babies brings me real happiness. I have experience in writing, editing, business, and financial planning. My goal in life is to raise strong and happy kids, and to help women and moms around the world to live simply and beautifully. Feel free to ask me anything in the comment section below or send me an email to cate {at} sweet and simple life {dot} com!