7 Steps to Managing a Business as a Mompreneur

Today, I have a lovely guest contributor sharing her tips for managing your business and your family! The following article was written by Brianna Nash from the Momma Works Too blog!

without attribution

I wish there was a guidebook for starting a business while starting a family back when I started.

Sadly, there wasn’t.

It was an epitome of the saying, “fly by the seat of your pants.”

I was a new mom, literally, on a journey to start a business – a yoga studio to be exact. I would leave my son with my husband and in laws and drive five hours away to train for my yoga certification. It hurt my heart, but it was a dream I wanted to pursue.

Unfortunately for me, after getting certified, opening my studio I realized really quick that both owning a studio and teaching yoga simultaneously wasn’t for me. I loved teaching, but the business side got the best of me.

I picked up a few tricks along the way though, and it helped me as I began my next adventure.

My bright idea was to become a coach. I love helping people. L-O-V-E helping people. So much that I would do it for free! They say that if you’ll do it for free that it’d be a great business idea right?


When it came to charging, I hated what I was doing.

I was managing my time like a champ though and started helping people manage their own time too!

Learning how to manage a wild family (that was growing by + one) and a business wasn’t easy.

It took me nearly a year to figure out a routine with my family so that my business wasn’t running my life. Once I figured it out though, it was easy as pie.

I started sharing my way of managing family and business with other moms and they were so grateful.

1. Know what needs to be done each day and do JUST that… nothing more
2. Think about your family’s schedule
a. when do the kids nap?
b. When do you eat breakfast?
c. What about lunch?
d. Supper?
e. How often do you need to clean your house?
f. Are you cooking every meal?
i. Batch cooking?
ii. Crockpot cooking?
3. What errands do you need to run?
4. How much does your spouse work?
5. How much do you work?
6. Do you have a sitter?
a. Do you kids go to daycare/school?

Once you have a general schedule down, you can start to play around with numbers and seeing what can be arranged or changed.

Some things can change, but something I’ve learned is that my work schedule will always change first before I try to change my family schedule.

This might be different for you though based on your values. Family is my number one value and therefore they’re priority number one and work comes second. That doesn’t mean that I neglect work though. I just might stay up later to get work done.

We had a routine and then +1 came along and I had to relearn to manage my time.

I give mad props to moms that have more than two children. Seriously, y’all are heroes in my books. I have two and sometimes it can get bonkers in this household.

Trying to coordinate naptimes so I can work, or bedtime schedules so I can cram in more hours is tricky!

Thankfully, I’ve found a way to stretch the time my daughter is awake to just enough that my daughter and son are down at roughly the same time. It is sometimes just enough to do 30 mins of work. I’m grateful for that.

Bed time is different.

My daughter goes to bed early, and wakes up early. But, my son on the other hand would go to bed at 11pm if I let him, and sleeps until 9am or later.

We’ve been struggling to get our son to go to bed earlier than 10pm. It’s rough though. He’ll stay in there and talk until the cows come home.

How I am managing my time now with two kids, a husband, a blog and a Virtual Assistant business

My husband and I talked about how to get our schedules to a point where I’m not working my butt off in little spurts throughout the day. This discussion went on for a good while (months maybe) until I finally caved in.

I was tired of not really paying attention to the kids, and tired of seeing their faces get sad when I’d say, “mommy has to work.”

Something had to change.

They were in daycare two days a week and I would work during them being gone, but I would often times be working even after they got home. It got out of hand quick.

The number one thing I did:

I started creating boundaries around work.

Setting boundaries around work has been by far the best thing I’ve done.

You can work your tail off until the cows come home, but that doesn’t mean you’ll move forward in your business.

Creating a schedule and setting boundaries is something that I’ve been using to be more productive and less of a grouch to my kids.

How do you start creating boundaries?

Step #1: Do an analysis of what you need to get done on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

Break it all down on paper or your computer or on whatever works for you, but get it all out of your head. Do a big brain dump.

If you think you’ve listed out everything, take some time away – 30 minutes would be enough time. Then come back and see if anything sparked on your break. If not, then move to step #2.

Step #2: Begin organizing the chaos

If you haven’t already, it’s time to organize things into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly categories.

This will help you analyze what’s important and what’s not for our next step and it also gives you a clearer picture of what’s going on in your business. It will help you in creating goals that match your desires in business.

On top of that, you’ll soon realize how much time is necessary to keep your business moving forward. (I’ll give you a trick on how to maximize your time in a bit.)

Step #3: For each category (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) I want you to categorize each item as either not urgent, semi urgent, urgent and priority based on its necessity to be done in a certain timeframe.

If you have some items on your list that don’t need to be done right now, but will need to be done later that’s ok.

Why? Because this is not the last time I want you to do this process. I want you to complete this on either a monthly basis or every three months (maximum time to wait). This will help you to re-evaluate the goals you’re setting for yourself.

Once you have them labeled it becomes easier to see where you might have super high expectations of yourself and where you need help.

Step #4: Outsource and Automate!

Ok, so realistically, not everyone can outsource tasks right this moment, but everyone should be able to automate at least something.

Check out my post here to learn the tasks you should be outsourcing (hint: some of these can be automated!).

If your plate is crazy busy and you’re not willing to skimp on family time (because that would just suck the life out of you) then automation and outsourcing are your best friend!

Step #5: Create your schedule

It’s time to create your schedule. This goes for your business and family life. You don’t have to get super nitpicky (even though some people need that bad), but it helps to have it down.

For me I have a rough schedule:

• Get up and make coffee
• Clear inbox, Facebook notifications and check Instagram (totally not for everyone, but it keeps me sane)
• Make breakfast for kids and husband
• Do a little work before husband leaves at 9:30am for work
• Time with kids until nap at 12pm
• Work time until daughter wakes up
• Feed kids
• Snack time
• Time with kids until time to make supper
• Make supper
• Get kids in bed at 8 and 8:30
• Work until 10:30-11pm (maybe 12 if I’m feeling spunky)

This will look different for you, but it is what I’ve found works for me and my family.

Create your schedule, and don’t be afraid if it fluctuates some. It’s an evolving process. I promise.

Note: this isn’t my routine every day as my husband’s schedule waivers.

Step #6: Set your boundaries

This is THE hardest part of all. We feel bad for setting boundaries. We feel bad for sometimes saying “no” and that’s where things get twisted. If we say “no” it’s not that we don’t care, or that we won’t ever be able to help, it’s that we can’t help in this moment or that it doesn’t align with what we have going on.

And, that’s ok. Someone else will step up.

It’s also easy for us to step over our own boundaries since we’re the ones that created them, but I’ll tell you this… once you start stepping over your boundaries it opens the gates for others to do the same.

So, just remember that.

Step #7: Make sure people know your boundaries

Lastly, you need to make people aware of your boundaries. This goes for people associated with your business and your family members. If you have dedicated work time, your family can’t barge in and demand things of you (emergencies are of course an obvious yes situation).

Once you start caving they’ll never respect your boundaries, but if you hold your boundaries tight you’ll be amazed at how people start treating you.

When you respect your own time and schedule others will too.

There you have my 7 Steps to Managing a Business as a Mompreneur!

Article by: Brianna Nash


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