My Must-Haves for September!

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Okay you guys…I’m going to skip the fussing about my bitter realization that summer is almost over, and get right to the good stuff. September is still a pretty awesome month. It is still warm enough to enjoy the beach, and my favorite spots are less crowded because kids are back in school. From here on out, it will be a little extra special for me because it is my baby’s birthday month and a time to reflect on how much she has grown. Aside from the sappy stuff, it’s also still freaking hot and muggy ‘round here in southern California.

So I put together this quick list of my must-haves for this lovely month. For anyone who wants to finish off this summer strong, go ahead and scoop up a few of these great products and soak up a little more fun and sun. I didn’t include back-to-school stuff on this list, because I don’t have any expertise there, but come back when Emma turns 5 and I’ll give you the scoop then!

Some of this is novelty stuff, just for fun, and some of this stuff is to help the working mom get organized. The rest of it will literally save your life during the hot month of September! This article contains affiliate links to products on my favorite site: Amazon. You can read my full disclosure here before we get started.

Must-Haves for Mama:

Maxi Dresses
Handheld mister
Cutest-ever coffee mug

Must-Haves for Baby:

Bathing suit
Little swimmer diapers
Teething toys
Homemade popsicles

Must-Haves for Hubby:

Playstation 4
Beer pong set
Outdoor hammock
Running shoes

Must-Haves for the Home:

Oscillating fan
Blackout curtains
Snow cone maker

Must-Haves for the Office:

Desk fan
Brita water bottle
Desk calendar
Cute pens

So that is it guys. My list of must-haves for the working mama in the month of September. Grab the essentials, get your work done, and then go enjoy the rest of the summer with your kiddos!

What are your must-haves for the end of summer?

Let us know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “My Must-Haves for September!

  1. Suzy @ In The Lyons Den says:

    Maxi dresses are the best and definitely my favourite coffee mug is essential even when I am sweltering in the heat! Love getting a new pair of sandals for summer to go with dresses and pants. And I love my beach drape pants, they are so comfy I should have bought 2 pairs!!

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