Best Gifts for an Expecting Mama!

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Hey everybody!

If you have been following my work for the past few months, then you know I am a relatively new mama. I have a nine-month-old baby girl and I have been documenting my journey with her on INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and here on the BLOG. Being a mom has been an incredibly difficult and wonderful experience. The list of things that I thought I would need turned out to be quite different from the things that I actually used every day with my baby. And the list of things that made my life easier and made me a happier woman and mother is far from what I thought it would be too.

Based on my personal experience as a breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, first-time-mama, I have formulated this list of the best things to buy for the expecting mom in your life. First, I’ll list the goods and then give my experience with them.

  1. A nursing cover like THIS one
  2. A teething/nursing necklace like THIS one
  3. A personalized nursing station
  4. A personalized diaper station
  5. Nosefrida and her pharmacy friends
  6. Diapers and wipes
  7. Boppy pillow
  8. Swaddle blankets
  9. Ergo360 carrier
  10. Baby bath tub

And now, for a few words about my personal experience with these items:

  1. This nursing cover has been an amazing blessing in my life. If you decide to breastfeed and want a nursing cover for certain public situations, this is the one you want. Functional, lightweight, and stylish. I bought it for myself after seeing another mom using hers. It is a must-have, in my opinion.
  1. A nursing/teething necklace is a wonderful gift, and it lasts for a long time. I bought mine from The Vintage Honey Shop, a lovely little shop in Tennessee that hand-makes all of their necklaces. It is pretty, it draws attention away from tired eyes, and my baby enjoys it during feedings. I wouldn’t put this on my list of top necessities, but I would definitely buy it as a gift for an expectant mother.
  1. Breastfeeding is really hard at first. You are tired, you are sore, you aren’t producing much milk, you have a new baby to care for, and your baby is hungry constantly! The new mama will likely be stuck in a rocking chair or sitting on the sofa for most of the day feeding her baby, so having a little nursing station with all of the necessities is so helpful! If you want a practical DIY gift for her, buy a cute little basket and fill it with chocolate, trail mix, granola bars, nursing pads, lotion, doctor-approved pain reliever, lip balm, a reusable water bottle, and a good book.
  1. The concept is the same here as it is for nursing. Functional space is so important with a new baby. My night stand is now my diaper-changing station. I have a basket with diapers, wipes, rash cream, teething tablets, blankets, burp cloths, and an extra outfit for baby. Such a useful gift for a tired new mommy!
  1. My baby got sick when she was 3 weeks old, and she was sick  consistently for a few months after that, with colds, flus, and bronchitis…ugh. We didn’t plan on her getting sick, so we had to run to the pharmacy at midnight on several occasions. New moms need a NoseFrida! If baby gets sick, they will also need saline spray, baby vicks, and a humidifier. So a little “pharmacy” basket is a lovely gift.
  1. Diapers and wipes are a necessity for every new mom. I wouldn’t recommend buying very many newborn diapers for her, because they do grow out of those quickly. My baby was in newborn diapers for almost four weeks, but most people say that is longer than average. So buy diapers in a SIZE ONE and a big box of sensitive baby wipes. If she is doing cloth diapers, buy these reasonably-priced pocket diapers on Amazon. I use them, and I have no complaints about them.
  1. The person who invented the boppy pillow is an absolute genius! With a sick baby that struggled to breathe through all the phlegm, this pillow was a savior. I think it’s a savior either way, and every mom should have one. It’s good for older siblings to hold the baby, it’s good for nursing, and for propping up sick babies.
  1. Large swaddle blankets are so helpful with a newborn. I don’t care for those small receiving blankets that come in packs, they hardly fit around the baby for more than a few weeks. I love these swaddle blankets, which were amazing during newborn days and are still useful to me now. They were gifted to me by my sister-in-law, and they are one of my favorite baby shower gifts.
  1. ERGO 360 baby carrier. This gift is on the pricey side, which I know is just not doable for everyone. But if you have the funds to give a more expensive gift to a loved one, this is a great baby carrier. It was gifted to me at my baby shower, and it has been a savior for me and my baby! We never used the wrap carriers, although I have heard great things about them and would recommend buying any new mama a nice baby carrier. They are so helpful for a new mom that needs to get things done or get some exercise.
  1. Baby won’t be able to bathe in the tub or sink until they can hold their own head up, so a baby bath is an essential for the early days, and it’s a fun and colorful gift for a baby shower. I just fill the baby tub with towels, soaps, lotions, and toys!

I hope you found this list helpful! Let me know if you have any gift ideas to add to this list, and be sure to follow our journey on social media!

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Article by: Cate Rosales



3 thoughts on “Best Gifts for an Expecting Mama!

  1. Trishawna @mothersrule says:

    Very helpful list, everyone should read this before buying for expectant or new moms. Love the fact that you listed items then gave your opinions on them. I haven’t tried the teething necklace as yet though. My lil guy loves putting everything in his mouth so am sure he will love it.


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