The Magic of Coconut Oil



I discovered the magic of coconut oil when I was a broke teenage kid looking for cheap ways to get a golden suntan.

Turns out that coconut oil might actually have some properties that protect you from the sun, but I never noticed them. I always had a great summertime tan, and it came from the simplest of ingredients from the kitchen pantry.

That was when I was a carefree kid that didn’t mind a little sun damage on my youthful skin. Now, I go that extra step to protect my skin, and I’m glad that I do. I don’t have as much of that natural glow anymore, I’m almost 30!

Coconut oil is an incredibly versatile beauty product, and this article in particular, is going to address one of my favorite uses for this magical substance: caring for that beautiful pregnant belly.

I had my first baby about 8 months ago, and I made it through my entire pregnancy without spending very much money on “pregnancy stuff”. I never bought stretch mark lotions, creams, or body butters. And thankfully, I took the advice from some of my favorite mommy friends for minimizing the stretch mark attack on my belly, and I managed to avoid them. That is not to say that stretch marks are always entirely preventable; some things are just out of our control…but with a little help from my favorite beauty product, you can definitely minimize their effect.

My best friend gave me this advice when I got pregnant: gain weight slow and steady, only take cool or lukewarm showers, drink tons of water to stay hydrated, and lather on the lotion multiple times a day. This particular friend has a tiny frame, and birthed two gigantic, healthy baby boys at full term, so I thought I would follow her advice (just for laughs).

Instead of commercial lotions, I decided to go the natural route and use coconut oil. I lathered on this magical oil at least twice a day, and I managed to avoid stretch marks and that itchy belly that plagues so many pregnant women. Yep, that opening image is of me and my pregnant belly, on my due date!

During pregnancy, I used coconut oil to protect my skin, to soften my hair, to fight pregnancy acne, and to make tasty salad dressing. Coconut oil is truly the most magical and versatile beauty product out there, and every pregnant woman should have some in her arsenal!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and if you’re a soon-to-be mama following my journey, congrats on your pregnancy!

Love always,

Cate Rosales


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