Breastmilk Freezer Pops for Teething Babies!



Your teething baby will appreciate this sweet, healthy, frozen treat to soothe his/her sore gums. It’s super quick and easy to make, and tastes delicious!

Yes, I taste everything that I feed to my baby. If I wouldn’t want to eat it, then I won’t be feeding it to her. We switch up the fruit and add blackberries, strawberries, or whatever else we have in the fridge.

You will need:

1 ripe banana
1/2 cup of blueberries (or other fruit)
2 oz of breastmilk (or water)


Just mash or blend the fruit, add milk, pour into popsicle holders, and freeze for 5 hours!

Makes about 4 popsicles.


Recipe by: Cate Rosales


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