Getting Ready for Summer!

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The summer sunshine is on its way, I can already feel it warming my skin and my soul. It is my favorite time of year, because I love the ocean, tan lines, and cherry slushies! This will be my first summer with a chunky little baby attached to my hip during my weekend wanderings! I am a little nervous, but equally excited about sharing her first summer with her.

There are a few special things that I do for myself every year to get into the spirit of summer, and to make sure that I feel great in my summer clothes. Life has changed so much since getting married and having a baby, so I’ll have to be a little more flexible with my plans, but my goal of enjoying the sunshine, the ocean, and a few great books will not be changing. Here are my TOP 5 tips for getting summer-ready.

1. Drink tons of water.

It keeps your skin and body hydrated and it helps combat belly bloat. If you want to feel comfortable and fresh in your own natural skin this summer, you need to drink water like it’s going out of style. Get yourself a good reusable water bottle like this one. Mix it up with yummy fruit infusions to keep your water from becoming too boring. I personally love lemon, orange, or watermelon slices.

2. Exfoliate your skin.

I think I recommend exfoliating in all of my beauty posts! You shouldn’t exfoliate every day, but you should definitely exfoliate often enough to slough away dead cells and dry skin. I exfoliate my skin at least once each week, but sometimes more because it makes my skin feel so good. Use my super easy and inexpensive all-natural sea salt scrub to prep that beautiful skin for summer showcasing!

3. Buy the basics.

I don’t know how all of my other beach-going buddies do this, but I prefer to have a travel bag in the car, packed and ready to go, just in case we want to hit the beach or any other body of water in the summertime. Before the summer fun begins, I buy some cheap tank tops, yoga shorts, and flip-flops and I keep them in a bag in my car, along with some sunblock and a spare bikini. It may sound like overkill, but I have to say that it has saved me more than once. And if you shop for sales, you can pack this bag for about $30. Now that I have a baby, I have added all of her necessities to the bag, including diapers, wipes, toys, and onesies. We are always ready to go!

4. Paint your toes.

I love a good pedicure. I don’t get them often, because it is more of a luxury expense than a necessity. At the start of the summer, however, I like super soft feet and bright, fun toe polish. Whatever your luxury expense may be, invest a little time and money into making yourself feel soft and pretty for the summer. Whether it is a tan, a mani/pedi, a summer dress, or some cute new sandals, just do something that makes you excited to be outside this summer. I think we all need to spend a little more time outdoors and a little less time in front of our computers.

5. Wear shimmery lotion.

As much as I love my tan, I am really trying to limit overexposure to the sun and protect my skin. I am not a girl that likes a spray-on tan or sunless tanner, because they don’t last and they tend to stain my clothes. So, I wear a low-SPF sunblock that allows me to get a little color without burning, and I top it off with a shimmery delicious-smelling lotion. It makes my average white-girl skin tone glisten in the sun and makes me feel beautiful. This lotion is my favorite!

So, those are the top five tips that I use to get ready for the summer. It will be interesting to share this new experience with my baby daughter, and I’m sure that I will have some new tips to share after our adventures together. Stay tuned for all of the upcoming weekend wanderings in store! And thanks for stopping by the blog today.

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8 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Summer!

  1. FofoFl'or says:

    there is nothing that make me feel as pretty as having beautifully painted toes!, i want to make good use of this summer which is gonna be hard because of my schedule but thanks for the ideas!

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