My World of Words


My World of Words

I have always loved reading and writing. At my fifth-grade graduation ceremony, each student had to stand up and tell the assembly what we wanted to be when we grew up. I spoke without hesitation: a writer. Although I didn’t know in what capacity that it might be, I knew without a doubt that writing was my calling.

Life got in the way sometimes. I had jobs and hobbies and family affairs that took up a lot of my time and distracted me from my writing, but I always ended up right back here, in front of a clear white page that needed to be filled with meaningful words.

As a young girl, I wrote dramatic young adult novels; some of them filled with heart, and some of them just rough drafts that never reached completion. And here I am today, sharing thoughts and experiences on a public site for the world to see. I can’t help myself, I was born to write.

I’m the type of woman that pours my heart and soul into every single thing that I do. I can’t do anything half hearted…I don’t think. Whether it is my job, a homework assignment, my parenting style, or cleaning my kitchen, I am going to give it 100% and try to keep a smile on my face while I do it.

That is what brings me here today, sharing my love for writing. I am here because I love to write, but I’m also here because I love to help people along on this journey of life in any way that I can, and I’ll always give of myself wholeheartedly in that respect. If I can share an experience, a lifestyle tip, a positive thought, or a simple recipe that makes someone’s day easier, or makes someone smile because they know that they can absolutely relate to what I’m going through, that feeling gives me so much purpose.

I’m just an average girl that gets lost in books whenever I can, dreams of writing works of art that the world can enjoy, and wakes up every day with intention, working to reach the goals I’ve created in my life plan.

That scrawny little fifth grader who used to write her books with paper and a pencil never would have dreamt that she would be right here, writing her own blog that people read, follow, and enjoy. Thank you for being a part of my journey and my dream.

Love Always,

Cate Rosales



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