DIY Coconut Oil Facial Scrub


There is no DIY project that I enjoy more than making my own beauty products. It is inexpensive, great for your skin, and works just as good as any commercial beauty product you could buy.

I have always tried to keep my home, health, and beauty routine as natural as possible. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still use bleach sometimes and eat a fast food burger when I’m on the run. It’s all about balance. However, there are so many cheap and easy ways to live a natural lifestyle and limit chemical use, so I do the best I can. I feel more passionate about it now that I have a sweet baby girl crawling around my floors, discovering everything for the first time. I want to limit her exposure to chemicals as much as I can. There are plenty of things that are out of my control, but thankfully, the products we use in our home are not.

Natural exfoliating scrubs are super easy to make and they make your skin feel super fresh, soft, and clean. You can make a big batch of this stuff, keep it in a sealed tupperware container, and use it for weeks. Some people prefer to keep it in the fridge, but I just keep mine in the shower.

You will need:

3 tbs coconut oil
3 tbs baking soda
2 drops lemon essential oil


Mix ingredients in a small bowl and store in sealed container. If lemon essential oil is too harsh for your face, try using some lavender instead.

Wash hands thoroughly before dipping fingers into the container. Spread a thin layer of exfoliating scrub over all areas of the face and use fingertips to brush in small circular motions for up to one minute. Rinse clean with cool or lukewarm water. Pat skin dry and you’re done!

This gentle exfoliating scrub is super moisturizing. You wouldn’t believe how soft and fresh your skin will look and feel. You can keep a container in the shower and use this scrub on your whole body as well. The lemon and coconut oil help to even your skin tone and fight bacteria, and the baking soda is a gentle exfoliant that sloughs away dead skin, so it’s a win-win.

I hope you love this scrub as much as I do! It’s quick to throw together and super inexpensive to make. Just in time to prep our skin for summertime fun!

This coconut oil facial scrub is just the first beauty product in my upcoming DIY series, so stay tuned! And join my mailing list for tips and tricks delivered to your inbox each week.


Written by: Cate Rosales
Date: 5.5.2016


6 thoughts on “DIY Coconut Oil Facial Scrub

    • Cate says:

      Yes, oil pulling to clean and whiten teeth is super popular, I just dont have the patience to keep the oil sitting in my mouth for 15 minutes haha! Glad you are using and loving coconut oil!


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