Why We Love Coconut Oil!


We all have that one beauty product that is an absolute staple in our home. And to this day, I have never found a product as deliciously versatile as coconut oil!

I use this oil for pretty much everything in my beauty routine (and everything in my kitchen). Check out my favorite exfoliating sugar scrub that is packed with this deliciously scented oil!

You can also use coconut oil to wash your face, shave your legs, moisturize your skin, soften your locks, disinfect your mouth, and the list goes on.

In the morning, I always add a spoonful of coconut oil to my coffee, zap it for a few seconds in the blender with my favorite creamer, and start my day with this frothy morning beverage. Sooo good for the body and soul!

When mommy duty calls, I skip all the commercial creams and use coconut oil for diaper rash, cradle cap, and dry skin. It saves me money, and it’s not harsh on my baby’s delicate skin. And these are just a few of the reasons why we love coconut oil in my house.

All of this to say: I am thoroughly obsessed with coconut oil and I think everyone should jump on the band wagon and add it to their beauty routine. Comment below to share your tips and tricks for using coconut oil.

Written by: Cate Rosales

Date: 1.29.2016


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